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Love/hate relationship with colds.


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So am I the only one with this problem?

I barely ever sneeze and have no allergies so anything that might make me sneeze more I look forward too. 

In many of the fictions we enjoy, characters get colds and sneeze like crazy but often are able to enjoy the event.

Trouble with me is that most times I get sick, even if it is a more sneezy cold, I’m feeling too crappy to enjoy the sneezes. 

Anyone else encountered this paradox?

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Absolutely! I mean, I do sneeze a few times a day, but sneeze-filled colds? I feel like I should love them...but I usually only get a couple of hours of enjoyment out of them before I feel so awful that I not only can't enjoy the sneezes, but I just want them to go away, because they're just making all the other, yucky parts of the cold (chapped skin, sore throat, etc) worse. :(

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Yes absolutely, I don't sneeze very often, but I hate colds!!!!! Maybe I wouldn't hate them so much if they didnt always hit me when I'm starting my work week or when our household has a lot going on. If I had days where I could just lay there and be miserable maybe I could appreciate it more! 😊

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