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Amazing dentist office obs


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So I had a dentist appointment this morning.  The same dental hygienist cleans my teeth every time and has for several years.  We will call her R.  R is in her early 40s, very pretty face, slightly upturned roundish nose that is very cute.  Sweet talkative personality.  I had never once seen her sneeze before today, but it finally happened and it was sooo good.

she was using the little metal pick thing to clean between my teeth, and was chatting about something.  All of a sudden she quickly turns to her side away from me, and I hear a really wet sounding "Heh-ettschhh!!!"  I bless her and of course immediately turn to look toward her (lol 😅)  and to my amazement her eyes were still glassed over completely as she squinted ready to sneeze again. She was wearing one of those mask things, and she blasted out another super wet sounding "heh-ettttsschhh!!!!"  Right into her mask.  She didn't like move her head hardly at all when she did it, just sneezed powerfully into her mask.  I know this is a cool scenario for a lot of people and I had never seen it before but i really enjoyed it.  She was so nonchalant about her super wet powerful sneezes because she was wearing her mask, and they sounded sooo good. I blessed her again and she turned back toward me shaking her head and said "woo sorry, allergies"  I'm definitely hoping for a repeat performance next time I go in!

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