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Hi again. I felt a bit inspired and put this little thing together. It's a start, hopefully to be followed by a few more parts so knowing my rate of production I will see you next year with part 2 ;). Some of the tags pertain to future plans rather than what is already in there. I don't seem to find the contagion tag but you can be sure there will be plenty of that.


She had dark hair with a light curl to it that reached down over her shoulders. The 27-year old had just gotten out of a taxi that had taken her the last stretch of her journey. It had taken quite a while to get here but if what she had read online was even half true it would be more than worth the trip. Tessa was surprised by the size of the place. For something so niche it was impressive; A theme park with a theme centered on the common cold wasn't exactly a mainstream thing. She was a little surprised to see that the girl at the entrance seemed to be in good health. Wasn't this place all about colds? The girl must have picked up on her surprise because she told Tessa that exposing the guests so early might spoil some of their fun. From the look on the girl's face Tessa got the impression they both would have very much enjoyed a less healthy encounter with one another.

Tessa had booked a stay at the small hotel inside the park and so she made her way over there with her bag. The girl behind the desk was a cute brunette, Tessa guessed she was just over 20. Her nose was pink and Tessa asked her if she was coming down with something. The girl nodded.

“Mhm” she said and sniffled.

“My throat is getting really sore too...” She continued.

“Mind if I ask you how your throat got so sore and your nose so runny and pink?” Tessa asked with a smile.

“A lady who just left came here on a free pass. You see sometimes we give away a free stay for a couple of days.” The girl swallowed and touched her throat quickly before continuing.

“As you know we have a special theme here. We couldn't keep going if we couldn't live up to our promises you see.”

“Let me guess.” Tessa interrupted.

“Was she not entirely well when she got here?”

The girl shook her head.

“She had a really awful cold. Her nose was so red I couldn't believe it at first. I'm not sure I have ever seen anyone take as much pleasure in sneezing without covering as she did. She would put a tissue over her nose while her sneeze was building up so you thought you were safe, then remove it at the last second and send spray flying all over. Her sneezes were really wet too. Sometimes when she had sneezed on me she would say something about how she hoped I would catch her cold. She also liked to remind everyone that she was sick and contagious”

“Wow.” Tessa said, barely louder than a whisper. She would really enjoy her stay here.

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This is a really fascinating premise, I’m really looking forward to the next installment. If this is just the hotel, I can only imagine what the actual attractions are. 

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great job! This is my favorite kind of scenario! Beautiful sick women sneezing on each other and getting colds! I look forward to the next installment! :)

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Oh!  Oh!  Oh!!  Such a wonderful teaser!! I just cant wait for more!! Will there be more contagion treasure inside you story??  xD 

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It isn't often that I read an idea for a story and think to myself- "Damn! Why didn't I come up with that?!", but this just might be one of those times ;). I do hope you keep us updated, and maybe this time you won't keep us waiting with your notorious updating rate ;)

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Now, for the surprisingly quick continuation.

Part 2

As it turned out the girl at the front desk was not the only victim who had been left with a worsening sickness by the recent visitor. A girl around Tessa's age who judging by her outfit was working in the hotel was busy sneezing into a large piece of cloth she held near her face. Tessa watched as the fit ebbed out and the girl regained perception of her surroundings.

“How are you feeling?” Tessa asked.

“Not great, and worse by the hour I think” the girl answered.

“Did you catch cold from the same guest as the girl in the front desk by any chance?”

“Who didn't catch what she had? Almost of us girls here in the hotel have been getting sick over the last couple of days. I think I'm getting a headache...” she was interrupted by another set of sneezes that she covered with the cloth.

“On the plus side coming to work sick and infecting the guests is a good thing here right?”

“I guess, but I try to be sneaky about it” she said and smiled at Tessa before continuing:

“Speaking of which I have some beds to make.” Tessa suddenly discovered that the cloth the girl had been using as a handkerchief was a pillow case. After being stunned for a few seconds Tessa got her key from her pocket. She realized her room was the one the other girl had just gone into. When she opened the door she saw the girl twirling a feather in her hand. Turning around to look at Tessa she said:

“Oh, sorry. Is this your room? I know I should have prepared it already...” She was interrupted by Tessa.

“It's no wonder it takes a long time for you to get the rooms done, having to work despite being so sick. Poor little Amy.” She had read the name tag on Amy's clothes.

Amy played along and nodded with feigned shyness before Tessa continued:

“You were just doing your job as usual when somebody came here with a cold.” Amy nodded again in the same way.

“Was it a bad cold?” Tessa asked, talking slowly.

Another nod.

“She just couldn't stop sneezing and sometimes she would sneeze right at you.”

Amy made a gesture over her chest and face to indicate where she had been hit by sneezes.

“Was it wet?” Tessa asked and bit her lip slightly when Amy nodded again.

“Did you feel the droplets landing on you, knowing some of them were making it into your nose?”

“Mhm” Amy answered.

“Did you know you would catch her cold?”

“I really hoped I would” Amy answered with a smile.

“If you feel like it I have something to show you” It was clear from the way she looked at Tessa that Amy was enjoying this as much as she was. Now it was Tessa's turn to nod.

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  • 3 months later...

Part 3

Amy had taken Tessa's hand and led her to another room. When she had closed the door she asked:

“I just need to make some final preparations for the next guest. Would you like to see?”

The room looked to be in order so Tessa wasn't sure what she meant. And why would she be excited to watch hotel work? Then Amy got out the little feather she had been playing with when Tessa walked in. Tessa watched completely stunned as Amy let the tip of the feather slide into her nose. Immediately came a twitch and a short, sharp inhale. Amy breathed more and more unevenly as she continued to use the feather. Tessa was so focused on Amy she could barely blink as the pace indicated something was about to happen. She exploded with a sneeze that sent visible drops flying throughout the room. She then turned to Tessa and looked into her eyes.

“I have this really annoying cold that's making my nose run so much. I can't wait to give it to someone.”

“Mmmh. Amy...” Tessa said quietly. Amy turned to her and handed her the feather. She asked Tessa:

“Will you help me?”

Tessa got behind Amy and put her left hand high on the other girl's stomach, gently pressing her toward Tessa. She took the feather and gently ran it along Amy's nose. After a little warming up she got the feather inside and it didn't take long to get some promisingly hitchy breathing from Amy as the feather tickled her. After a minute of increasingly stimulating feather use Amy was overcome and let out a visibly spraying, completely uncovered sneeze

This continued for a while. Amy allowed Tessa to guide her and followed her instructions. Tessa would tickle her until she sneezed all over whatever was in front of her; Door handles and the bed got an especially intense treatment. A couple of times Tessa dragged the process out so that Amy's nose would start to run a bit before finally allowing her to envelop the object in front of her in particularly wet spray. She was quite liking the sense of control that came with the ability to render Amy helplessly in the grips of her tickling nose as sneeze after sneeze came over her.

They calmed down a little and Tessa could almost feel the germs floating around in the room, waiting to come into some unsuspecting nose along with a breath of air; This was a feeling Tessa loved. Having enjoyed covering nearly every surface in the room with Amy's spraying sneezes the girls found themselves standing in front of a mirror. Amy smiled as she guided Tessa's hand back towards her nose. When Amy sneezed again Tessa could not help but notice that most of the spray had landed on the reflection of her face. Even more excited by whatever new little game Amy was playing she continued the tickling. Seeing more drops appear on her reflection in the mirror every time she teased another sneeze from Amy together with the feeling of having her so close was almost too intense for Tessa.

“Imagine if all this deliciously contagious spray was hitting some girl right in the face.” Tessa said half daydreaming, pausing the tickling.

“I'm sure she'd get very sick.”

“Sick with the same wonderful little cold that's made a home for itself in your nose.” Tessa said, more present and focused on Amy this time.

“Don't you think she would protest me deliberately sneezing on her?”

“I think she would love the thought of you infecting her with whatever is making you so sneezy, especially if it's deliberate.” Tessa said while spinning Amy around to face her.


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Oh!  My!  God!!!! OAO Σ (゚Д゚;)

Dont stop!! Please dont stop. This is super duper amazing!!!!!! Contagion contagion contagion!!!  Oh gosh i love it oh so much!!!  (灬♥ω♥灬) Thank you fo sharing the story >< cant wait fo more.(*´∇`*)

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