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Why is he behaving this way?


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask you for your opinion.

I mentioned my coworker A. in my observation *Smell Of Flowers* last year.

Recently I saw him with another colleague and A. had to sneeze twice - and he just let them out.

And I can tell you his sneezes were really strong and a bit wet.

His friend blessed him and they went on with work.

The same happened a few days later when he was with another coworker, this time female.

He had to sneeze again, it was just a single sneeze - he covered his mouth with his left hand, she didn't blessed him or reacted to it.

A. apologized for sneezing, I think the *calm* after his sneeze embarrassed him a bit.

Each time, in both situations, he didn't noticed that I was around too.

And I observed that he always tries to hold his sneezes back or to sneeze as quiet as it is possible for him, when I have to work with him or when he knows that I am around.

He had to sneeze once when we worked together and he tried desperated to hold a second sneeze back.

I know that he is allergic to flowers and I don't want to be the reason for that he holds his sneezes back or feels uncomfortabe.

Can you imagine why he behaves like that?

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Unfortunately there is only one person who can answer this question and that's the guy in question.

We can all try to analyse his behaviour until the cows come home but really nobody will have any more knowledge than you do.  And in the end any reasons that anyone but him himself assigns to it will probably be very very wrong.

I would honestly chalk it up to "one of those things" and leave it at that because dwelling on it isn't going to get you anywhere but stressed out.  :)


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