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Interesting Obs on a Plane


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Interesting Obs


On a plane today I was sitting next to a man suffering from either a cold or allergies (hard to tell from him symptoms, and you know I’m an expert) but I would bet a cold given the season.  He was sniffling and snorting the whole 4 hour flight, often giving in to little fits of cough-like sneezes that really don’t appeal to me.  His girlfriend/wife was on the other side (I was the aisle, she was the window) holding his hand but generally ignoring his condition.  But the most interesting part was at one point he took a tissue and folded it a few times, then rolled it into a tube and put it up his nostril and started twirling it round and round and round.  He then took it out, unrolled it, folded it differently, rolled it again, and repeated the gesture to the other nostril.  Like twirling a pencil in a hand-held sharpener.  This happened several times - same tissue - alternating nostrils and snorting between each ministration during most of our descent into landing.  It didn’t make him sneeze, and he never once blew his nose -although there was clearly some congestion up in there.  I’ve never seen anyone do this, and y’all know I’ve been a keen observer of these phenomena for decades now.  Because I’m on a foreign flight I was able to sit next to him and type this during the actual incident.  Fascinating stuff! 

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