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Mental Block- So Frustrating

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So because I have this fetish, sneezing in front of people is a big deal for me. I'm able to sneeze in public when I'm not around anyone I know because there's a very low chance that someone will bless me. I know it's irrational, but I feel like if I sneeze and someone I know will bless me, they're basically saying "I heard you sneeze and I'm always going to remember when and where this happened." It's how I would think, especially if it was someone like my boyfriend. I would like to sneeze in front of people I know, maybe not family (yuck!), but friends/coworkers, and especially my boyfriend. I heard him sneeze a bunch of times (which are all stored in my memory, of course :laugh2:), and sometimes I think "What if he thinks it's strange that I haven't sneezed in front of him yet?" He probably never gave it a second's thought, but this is my sort of "fetish egocentric thinking." Also, because sneezing is sexual to me, I want him to bless me; the thought is exciting, rather than embarrassing. Sometimes I feel it coming, but then the mental block acts up and the tickle never ends in a sneeze (among other things, I enjoy sneezing, so it's frustrating when the sneeze goes away). How can I get rid of the mental block? Maybe I should induce a sneeze when we're in bed together at night and he doesn't see me?  

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I struggle with this a lot, too. I've STILL never been able to sneeze unstifled in front of my S.O. (or anyone else, except for one time when I was drunk). FWIW, literally none of my coworkers, friends, partners, etc. has ever commented on the fact that they've never seen or heard me sneeze, so I think it doesn't really register with other people :) To help get over the mental block, I've tried inducing when I'm in a different room from my partner, but this still hasn't resulted in me being able to sneeze in front of him :/ One time I sneezed (naturally) while I was in a changing room so that I had pretty much total anonymity but there were other people around, and it was pretty liberating. So maybe your idea of inducing while he can't see might be a good step for you!

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