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Mature Female Sneezing at Grocery Store


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This is my first observation post, oh well. Reading through others made me think of this. This was probably around 3 weeks ago tops. I was in the grocery store, buying groceries (could it be more obvious  -_-) and I saw this nice, blonde mature woman in a black sweater and blue jeans stifle a sneeze. We were both looking for somewhere to check out, so I followed her. 
About a minute later, we were standing in line, and she let out another stifle. "huh-snxsh". I blessed her, she thanked me, and before I could say anything else... "huh-snxsh". I blessed her again and she thanked me again.
I commented how she shouldn't hold the sneeze back, as she keeps all the crap in and It'll make her sneeze more. She said she knew.
Before she could say anything else, "huh-eshoo" "huh-eshoo". Just as she caught her breath... "huh-eshoo" "huh-eshoO!". She said after that "ugh, I think that made it worse". We both chuckled. 
I had to pay for my stuff and while I was doing that, I heard a few feet away from me "huh-eshoo" "huh-eshoo" "huh-snxsh". I heard she stifled the last sneeze, I chuckled a little. I unfortunately had to leave, and was a little disappointed. 
Traffic was busy so I had to wait to cross the parking lot. Then I heard "huh-snxsh".  It was the mature lady, waiting like I was. Before I could say anything "huh-snxsh". I could only comment "so you gave up letting them out huh?". She laughed and said "Yea". I asked her if it was a cold or allergies, and she said "I think it... it's a 'huh-snxsh' 'huh-eshoo', I think it's a cold". We both chuckled at her letting out the second one. 
I pulled out a tissue out of my to go packet and gave it to her. She took it and thanked me. She put it to her nose and let out a great, messy nose blow. I had a cart, so i had her put it in the cart. We were able to cross the parking lot and I've never saw her again.

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Too bad you never did see her again, sounds like a great observation! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow, I can't believe you were brave enough to have such a straightforward conversation about it with her (and that she was totally willing to discuss with you!) Great obs :)

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