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Discord Server?


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Hey, is the discord server still around? I was a member but for some reason i cant access it now? Was i banned or something? :( 

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My discord isn't the forum discord, but since that's the one you're talking about in this post:

Yes, I banned you from my server for hitting on someone who just got done saying she was a lesbian. That's not appropriate behavior. 

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Oh, im sorry. I didnt mean to offend anyone :( she mentioned she also liked male sneezes too i thought? I apologize if that wasnt appropriate

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She said she liked fictional male sneezes (something very common with lesbians with the fetish).


It's just never appropriate for a man to hit on a lesbian whose response he can't anticipate (in the case of friends joking or whatever).

Honestly, I don't really tolerate people hitting on members of the server anyway, especially if they barely say anything and just pop up to say something like that the way that you did. It doesn't fit the tone of the server and is just generally unwanted.

No hard feelings, best of luck finding another community that better suits your needs re: communication with other fetishists, etc. etc.

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This is not the Snake Pit. Outright harassing/flaming/name calling will not be tolerated. Keep it civil or move it to the Pit.

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Moderator note - The forum staff's position is that Junia is webmaster of the discord and is free to set whatever rules they wish. Additionally other community sites are covered by the following forum rule:

  • There are multiple fora in the community. This forum does not tolerate disrespect or flaming towards any other on the general boards. We recognise that it is in the interest of the webmasters of all fora to keep this community a friendly, active place. Additionally, each forum's staff keeps their staffing activities to their own forum and our staff will not involve themselves with disciplinary issues on the other forum (and vice versa).

As far as the staff of the SFF are concerned, sneezemanDE asked a question, Junia answered in a very reasonable manner and this is the end of the matter. Discussion beyond the boundaries of this has been removed. This topic will remain locked on this basis. 

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