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Roommate Sniffed Carolina Reaper Pepper!


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Hoooooooo boy am I in a weird spot right now! I have two roommates, my female friend and her boyfriend who we will call “C”. For a bit of a description, he’s a guy of average build with short curly hair,  beard, and glasses. Tonight it’s just him and I and we’ve been chilling around the apartment and playing video games. He was working on cooking something and he brought out a small container of something and told me to sniff it. When I asked him what it was just repeated what he originally said, so I leaned in and took a small sniff. I honestly hardly inhaled at all and I made a face because of how strong the smell was. He told me it was from a Carolina Reaper pepper, the current hottest pepper known. He had grown a few of his own and made the pepper himself, which is pretty cool.

C is not very smart at times, and so he decided to stick his nose in the container and take a deep breath. He was sneezing on and off for about 15 minutes, making comments like “Oh my Christ, my sinuses have never been clearer in my life!” and “There’s going to be mucus everywhere at this point.” Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here on the couch trying not to blush every time I hear him sniffle or let out a forceful ”Heh’schoo!” Now, don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER do anything with him because of his relationship with my other roommate and the fact that we are all good friends and I don’t see him like that, but he has such a lovely sneeze that makes my heart jump every time I hear it!

He went to the bathroom a few minutes ago to blow his nose for what must’ve been the third time and it seems to be over, but what a rush it was!

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Truly, the silly and the ones without forethought are an eternal source of amusement and delight in our lives :P 

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This was SUPER cute! I love trying different hot pepper varieties for purely culinary reasons, but the occasional sneezy side effects are a nice bonus :D 

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