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Rose was doing some last minute cleaning in her house, getting ready for her 5 other cousins to come down for the weekend. The 6 of the were a family band. Rose sang and played piano, Cody played the drums, Trey sang, Josie sang, Ash played the guitar and Eve sang along with playing the guitar. 

Rose was just finished and was hoping to get a few minutes to relax before her guests arrived when the doorbell rang. She ran to get it, eager to see her cousins. "Hey guys! Come on in!" She greeted them with a smile. "Hey Rose" Trey said, a hint of congestion in his voice. As they unpacked their bags they caught up on what everyone had been up to since the last time they saw eachother. "I was thinking, before we get to work on our music, wanna order some pizza?" Rose offered. "Sounds great I'm starving" Eve said. 


The pizza arrived and they all ate, talking in between bites. When they finished, Rose and Trey agreed they would wash the dishes for the night while everyone else got the instruments set up.


"This is so great that your house has enough room for all of us AND our instruments!" Trey said. "Yeah I love it! I'm so glad we can all for in here, and with room to spare!" Trey began talking about his job at his dads air conditioning business, when he paused. "Yeah, I'm just glad I can keep the family business g-g-oi-ng excuse m-e-e HURRASHOOO ASHOO -Wow sorry I think I might be coming down with a - a RRSHOO cold" "Bless You,  I have some meds in the cabinet of you end up needing them," Rose replied. "Ugh- thanks hopefully I wont, I'm good for now, just a little congested, and sneezy I guess. 




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Here's pt 2!

The cousins ran through their songs and practiced, but after about 2 hours they decided it was time to hit the hay. They got all of their sleeping arrangements figured out and everyone slept like a rock 


HHetxng Hetxng - rose stifled 2 sneezes the second she woke up. "Oh no I can't get sick " she thought. She dragged herself out of bed and went to the bathroom. She looked like she didnt feel good, which was pretty true. Her nose was all stuffy and she felt a small tickle in her throat.  "Well I better go make breakfast" she told herself with confidence.

Trey woke up with similar feeling, but worse. His head was pounding. He needed to blow his nose, he got up and did so then headed for the kitchen.

Cody too woke up feeling under the weather, he planned on pretending he was fine though,  not wanting to slow down the busy next few days ahead of them  

One by one everyone else woke up and headed to the kitchen where Rose had made pancakes. The conversation went towards the upcoming days and what and when they planned on practicing when Cody let out a wet RRSHOO "-ugh- xcuse be" "Bless you, hey you sound congested. Oh no! I didn't get you sick did I? " Trey said,  worried. "Oh no, don't worry,I'm fide probably just a liddle dust -snnf" Trey began to speak when "-heetchoo heetchii hatnxxg came from the other end of the table,  where Rose was turned away from the table, head towards her elbow, eyes watering waiting, "she's gonna sneeze again " Trey thought to himself  "I'll wait to say bless you, " his thoughts we're interrupted by another "ASHOO heeTCHOO- sorry excuse me" Rose said , eyes still watery. "Bless you too" Ash said. "Yeah,  you allright over there sneezy?" Replied Josie.  "Yeah I'm fide. Snff" "i feel horrible" trey spoke up,  His voice was scratchy "we plan a fun week to practice and *cough* I ruin it by getting every one sick.  I'm sorry guys " Eve spoke up "don't worry, you didn't ruin it. We can just all be sick together I guess." Her eyes fluttered and she turned away as she sneezed a quick double in her sleeve - ashoo ashoo. "Bless you , me and Ash will clean up then I'll run to the store and get tissues, cough drops, all the essentials  you guys go in the living room and rest" Josie said with sympathy in her eyes. "Yeah, we'll take care of you all." Ash responded.

And with that the 4 went to the living room, trey grabbed some blankets from the hall closet and began passing them around to everyone when -HURRASHOOO was muffled into a blanket,  The one he was handing to Eve "sorry about that, I'll just keep this one" trey said, a little embarrassed.  "Yeah I don't really want that one anymore " Eve answered. Then they all laughed 


Part 3 coming soon! :):):) 


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Sorry for the wait, part 3!


After Josie and Ash got back from the store they found Rose, Cody, Eve and Trey asleep. Not wanting to wake them, Ash placed the tissues and cough droos on the coffee table and he went into the basement with Josie, hoping to get at least a little practice in. 


He got downstairs and it turned out Josie had the same idea because she had got Ash's acustic guitar out and was handing it to him. They began to Ash: quietly strum and Josie quietly sing. They ran through three songs and when they got to the fourth and final one for now Josie began to hit the high notes, flawlessly Ash couldn't wipe the smile off of his face, they worked so hard on this song and it was all coming together, he couldn't wait to hear it with everyone else playing. On the 2nd chorus Josie began hitting the high notes again when her voice cracked and she began coughing   "you too huh? " Ash said. "Ugh I was hoping I wouldn't get sick." Josie said frowning. "Hey don't worry about it let's get you upstairs." Ash replied. 


At 12:00 everyone was still asleep and Ash began making lunch, chicken noodle soup. Even though no one had a fever, he could tell they all felt terrible Ash didn't feel the best himself but only had a sore throat. HerrSHOO ugh, that sound came from the livingroom followed by a nose blow, then a minute later, Cody walked in "hatnxxg hatnxxg hey Ash" "Hey codes how are ya feeling?" Ash asked. "Not hatnxxg good, my heads pounding and I can't freaking stop sneezing" as to prove his statement Cody followed with a "hatnxxg " he winced. "Hey Cody you really shouldnt hold in your sneezes like that, its probably why your head hurts ." Trey said walking into the kitchen. One by one they all woke up and ate the delicious chicken noodle soup. "Hey do you guys wanna watch a movie or something? We might as well make the most of this week since we can't really practice right now." Rose asked. HetchOO HrshoOO Trey let out two wet sneezes into his shirt.  "Sounds good to me" Eve added "and bless you trey"


Part 4???? If so what?  

Also side note doanyone find a guy sneezing into his shirt (like pulling it up and covering his face) suuuuppper attractive?!

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