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Does Kalanchoe Work Like Chhinkni?


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I've discovered references on the web to kalanchoe extract being used to stimulate sneezing. I think it's mainly an Eastern European thing, and it's used to treat stuffy noses or as a general cold treatment.

One site (which I can't seem to find again) said you crush a leaf of kalanchoe and squeeze the juice out through a cloth, then dilute it 1:1 with water. Then use an eyedropper to put a single drop in each nostril. From what I've seen, it appears to take effect after a few seconds, then the sneezes just keep coming for at least a minute or so. 

I haven't had the chance to experiment with it myself, and I can't even remember seeing kalanchoe plants around where I live -- maybe it's the scorching weather. Has anybody here tried it? Is anybody game to try it? 

Could it even be better than chhinkni? 

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Chhinkni is nice because I don't have to do any work before using it and I'm happy with its effects on me. But it's pungent and... you could... grow your own kalanchoe plant and never have to buy chhinkni again if you like it :twitch:

worst-case scenario, you have a cool-lookin' plant!

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I had never heard of kalanchoe. I looked it up and despite the word looking kind of like a weird sneeze ("kaaal--ahhn-CHOOO"), it's not pronounced like that at all. Much more importantly, many species have toxic compounds in them, related to the toxins in better known poisonous plants like foxglove and oleander, which disrupt the heart rhythm. So I personally wouldn't trust it--there's likely not THAT much that's absorbed through the nasal membranes if you just have it up there for a second, but still I would be very leery personally. There are so many better ways to sneeze!

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I'm actually quite surprised that so few of us use it :D It seems to be very popular in Eastern Europe, as Sneezysal said, and provokes rather long sneezing fits that should clear out everything.  I know that some of my friends with Russian origin use this when they have a cold. Some species do contain toxic compounds, but there is no known case of poising in humans. For the medical use, Kalanchoe pinnata and Kalanchoe daigremontiana are best. They significantly shorten the course of a cold. Not only because of the obvious effect (they clear nose/throat from mucus and viruses), they are also anti-inflammatory and antiviral. I don't think they are dangerous - they are used to relieve labour pains as they don't any have side effects like other drugs do.

You can get the fresh liquid in the pharmacy, at least they have it here in Germany, and use 1-2 drops per nostril twice or thrice a day. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I might get a new plant for my birthday. I just have to explain why I want a Kalanchoe... :whistle2: 

I don't know if it works without having a cold, though. It's used to prevent them, but there is no information if one has to sneeze then, too...

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