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Boyfriend sneezes for the first time


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Sooo, I have a boyfriend and we've been officially together for a week now and yesterday was a really really amazing day. He came home to watch a movie. So we're sitting on the couch and we start making out really intensively and I'm having a great time. We take a few breaks, watch a little bit of the movie and make out again and again and again. We'll call him K. Here's a little description. He's not really tall, a little bit taller than me, brown messy hair and a really big pointy nose. He's really really shy but when it comes to touching me and kissing me he is the brave one in the relationship.

The longest break we took was 10 minutes and we're watching the movie. K is hugging me and my head is on his chest. I was making a funny comment about the movie and then all of a sudden he pitched forward and stifled a sneeze, kind of like "Ahhh..Hptchh". I blessed him and he thanked me. I could tell that the first sneeze didn't get rid of the itch in his nose so 10 seconds later he pitched forward again with the same "Ahh...ah..Hngtch". I blessed him again and he thanked me again. I felt everything from the sneezes because I was on his chest and the best part was feeling the muscles spasm. They were quiet, but so so powerful. Like when you know the sneeze is stifled, but something big is hiding under it. I knew he immediately felt really embarrassed, because he is so cute and shy. Then K turned and grabbed me and layed on me and started kissing me. I really didn't think he couldn't make me any hornier, but after the sneezes I was literally DEAD. And the fact that he immediately started kissing me after was the thing that finished me. He did it to kind of not make it akward but he didn't know he had the perfect timing.😉 I'm hopping to see more, because this was honestly amazing.

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