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well, text... Re: same guy as

Him (after our conversation had died for 20 min): yo i can't stop sneezing from the beer. it's awful

Me: Hahahaha. Sorry... Has that happened before?

Him: yeah. i have like an allergic reaction to hops lol. not like badly it just makes me sneeze and kinda congested

Me: Interesting..

Him: surprised i havent brought that up

Me: The sun, hops.. what's next?

Him: hahah. it's not enough to dissuade me

Me: You have, i just meant has it happened that much before

Me: You have no normal allergies haha

Him: like you have any idea what's normal

Me: dont deter from the conversation

Him: haha
*he disappears for some time*

Me: are you better now?

Me: you stopped answering immediately, i got worriedd x.x

Me: yup, youre definitely dead.

Him: haha. no i was warming up food. i've stopped sneezing but i cant breathe through my nose. i was drinking those sierra nevada triple ipas too


so wish i had been there. errrrr!

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