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My agender s/o with cat allergies


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My s/o Ru was talking to me the other day, while we were sitting on my bed playing with my cats Boy and Girl, and they suddenly sneezed three times. 

It sounded like "Heh-ch! Htch! HeCHH!" Progressively getting wetter and more desperate. I asked if they were feeling well and they just said they were allergic to cats. WHILE THEY CONTINUED TO PET THE CAT. 

They continued this for several more minutes before blinking hard and sneezing rapidly in a small fit of three again. I pushed the cats off the bed and out of my room in favor of snuggling Ru, because they were starting to get all itchy and I didnt want them going into a full blown attack. I'm sure the dander on my bed didn't help because they sneezed breathlessly to the side and then looked at me tiredly. It was amazing.  

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