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Husband has a cold


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My husband has a seriously sneezy cold just now, which is making for some great obs I thought I'd share.

It started the other night, I we were laying together on the bed reading, my head on his chest, when he suddenly has a really fast, harsh double. Bounced me right off him it was so hard. He sneezes frequently, so I didn't think much of it beyond the fact that it was a very nice sneeze to experience in bed. 

But then a little later, I hear him sneeze again in the hallway, still kind of desperate sounding, but a single this time. Then again, later when we were on the couch, after which he was sniffling pretty frequently, so I had to ask if he was alright. He admitted to having a cold, and to have been in denial about it, despite sneezing  pretty much constantly all day. 

This has continued for the last two days, and I would be totally enjoying it, except that I just had surgery on my jaw, and I'm too doped up on pain medication to do more than note the sneezes as they happen. Otherwise, I think I would have jumped him about 16 times by now. 

Once I'm out of my Vicodin induced haze, I'll try to do a better job of describing some of the sneezes for you all. If this cold is anything like previous ones he's had, I'm in for many, many days of listening to him sneeze. 

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19 hours ago, Ariel said:

Really nice obs. Is he a frequent sneezer ?

Hope to here more obs from him.

He is a pretty frequent sneezer - lucky me. Interestingly, he only sneezes doubles right before he gets a cold, so it's usually a quick heads up for me. Don't know how I didn't notice this time!

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So, the husband is mostly over this cold (his colds drag on forever, I swear), but last night I got a really great obs.

He got home really late, so I was already in bed asleep by the time he got back. Something woke me up, though around midnight. I lay there, trying to figure out what that sound was, when I heard it again, "heh ESCH". And again, closer, "heh ehESCH" And then again right at the bedroom door, "HEH ehESCHoo". He was sneezing repeatedly, over and over all the way into our room and into bed. He tried to stifle them as he got into bed, but they were too strong. And he never blows his nose, so even after he stopped, he was sniffling over and over for the next 10 minutes or so. All together, I think he sneezed 10 times from the one that woke me up until he stopped. No idea how many other times he had sneezed before that. I was waaay too tired to do anything other than lay there and listen, though, unfortunately for me. 

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