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Allergic to my scarf


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Hi, all! Wanted to share a fun, quick update about my life for those of you interested. I own two scarves, and in recent months it became cold enough for me to start wearing them again. One was in my coat pocket, the other was in the closet all spring, summer and fall. A few weeks ago I was driving to work and put on the scarf that had been in my closet, and in short order I sneezed a triple. Very soon I realized: "I bet there's enough dust in the scarf to make me sneeze like this." I took the scarf off and my nose stopped itching.

But I forgot about it because January was a busy month, and my other scarf works just fine. I just came across the scarf again and decided to briefly rub my face in it to test my allergy theory. About two minutes later, while I was doing something else, I sneezed four times in a row, which never happens to me if inducing or an allergen is not involved. :lol: I thought about washing the scarf, but it's not that simple because it's dry clean only. (It's 100% wool, but I'm 99% sure I didn't develop a wool allergy in the last year. The scarf never used to make me sneeze, and that theory wouldn't explain the delay of my sneezes today.)

Rather than bring it to the dry cleaner right away, I'm gonna hold onto it for a while :twisted: I have ideas for both a wav and a new story (I haven't finished a sneeze fic in ages!) based on the scarf. If you'd like a visual, it's a sort of teal color with a few wide stripes that are orange and yellow. It's Italian, and my ex-girlfriend gave it to me for Christmas. She got it when she was in Europe.

Hope you enjoyed reading! I'll keep you posted!

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Thanks for the obs! I look forward to reading your story!

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