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stifled sneeze fit


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This actually happened about a week ago but I completely forgot about it until I saw someone today having a sneezing fit. So anyway here’s the story!!! So I somehow accidentally stifled my sneezes. This is something really rare for me because I’ve never been able to do that before it’s always my usual loud sneeze of “HAESSSHOOO”  but this time it was a fit of 7 stifled sneezes. I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I just felt myself unable to do anything but sneeze and it wasn’t even a full sneeze it was more like “HNXXCHT” one after another 7 times in a row. I wasn’t pretty sniffly after that with a runny nose but went back to normal fairly quickly. Thankfully I was at home when this happened, I would have been so embarrassed if this happened in public. Till this day,I still have no idea what caused it but I kinda would like it to happen again! 

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