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Got a cold


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So I've been sneezing a lot the last couple of days (sudden and single, but wet HA-TTTCCHHEEWs), more than I usually sneeze. I thought it might be allergies because the weather has been warm and dry, but this morning I woke up with a swolen and sore throat and my nose was all stuffed up. I haven't sneezed much yet today, even though it feels tickly, but I have blown my nose several times. I've loaded up on soup and tissues, took some cold medicine and spent all day in bed, but am not feeling much better. I can breathe through one nostril, though, so that's improvement. My body is aching so I hope this isn't the start of the flu bug that's been going around. 

I'll post any obs that come my way, but for now, peace y'all. ;)

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Thanks ;) So I spent most of Saturday in bed, nursing my cold, but then totally overdid it today. I went with a friend to a comic signing event in my area and ended up spending most of my day on my feet, waiting in line. My Dayquil wore off halfway through and I subsisted on adrenaline and the pocket tissue pack I brought. Luckily, I didn't sneeze that much, aside from a couple tickly Ahh-TCCCHIEEEWs that I directed into my elbow. It was mostly blowing on occasion and sounding vaguely nasal and hoarse. 


Now though, after showering and laying down, I have the chills and my body aches again. :( Worried I overdid it. My nose is stuffed on the left side and is running, driving me crazy. I try to blow my nose, but it doesn't move muxh of anything. Just honks. I'm hoping my sleep tonight will resolve this cold of mine.

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