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Please know that this does have some mature content, and this is my first time doing this. I finally came out to my best friend/boyfriend about my sneeze fetish, and this is just a little thing that happened :)


The night I finally confessed up to my best friend about my sneeze fetish, I was the happiest person in the world. He didn’t think it was weird at all, and we decided to have a little fun. Sitting on his lap, I smiled softly to him.

 “Are you sure, honey?” I asked cautiously. 

He nodded and smiled. “Of course. I love you so much. I wanna do this for you.”

Grinning, I kissed the tip of his nose. “Alright, honey. First, before I begin, mind if I ask what will make that nose of yours so itchy and twitchy?” I stroked his nostrils gently, stimulating the flesh.

He gulped, his nose quivering and having spasms. “F-feathers...”

I smiled softly, giving his nose a kiss again. “Alright, honey. Just relax for me~” I plucked a feather from a feather duster, smirking mischievously and giving his nose a good tease.

He sniffed gently, his jaw slackening as his eyes began to flutter. “AH...”

I grinned to him, continuing to tease at his now red nostrils, and held a finger under his twitchy nose, a sigh of relief leaving his hitch. “Baby, it tickles so much~”

I giggled mischievously. “Good! Now, keep holding it back for me~ I want to see if I can get you to go into a fit~” I released my finger.

he began to rub at it his nose, so I scolded him. “No! Now don’t you rub that tickle away.”

I immediately tied him down to the bed to stop him. As I put on his restraints,  he gave me a soft kiss. Playfully, I smirked, and grabbed a pepper shaker. “Excuse me, but what do you think your doing?”

He grinned. “Just showing how much I love that perfect body of yours.”

I smirked. “Well, the way you show it is very naughty. Looks like I’ll have to punish you.” I grabbed a pepper shaker, his body squirming underneath me as I began to pour some into the palm of my hand. “I think a nose full of pepper should do the trick.”

He tugged at his restraints. “Oh, baby, please! I beg of you! Please don’t make me sneeze!” He knew how much I loved it when he begged, but because I am his mischievous little pixie, I blew the pepper pile right into his nose. 

He squirmed and jittered underneath me. “IH....UH...UH...UH...” His sneeze was stuck, so I took immediate action. I grabbed the feather and inserted it right into his tickle spot. “IH- UHHHH- AH- ACHOOO!” He sneezed a few times right after his dramatic buildup.

”HATCHOO! HA-HATCHOO! ITCHEW! ATCHOO!” He sniffed and pulled at his restraints.

Untying him, I held him close and kissed him sweetly. “Gesundheit, Honey~” 

He sniffed and smiled. “Thanks, baby.” He kissed me sweetly before sneezing again. “HITCHOO!”

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