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Easy Way to Find Movies With Sneezing


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Hello everyone! Yesterday I found some awesome website - where you can find any movie by quotes (maybe some of you know about it). You can just fantasize about how characters would respond to sneezing in the movie - and you will get tonnes of results! I've tried typing "sneezes", "bless you" and "gesundheit" and still haven't finished observing all the sneezing movies!

So here it is:


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Oh, damn it, I was finally starting to put a dent in my "To Watch" movie list when this turns up. Looks like the numbers will be going up again...

Seriously, though, this is a great discovery. Thank you for sharing it with us.

(And for the record, not all of the movies on my "To Watch" list are there because sneezing is involved. It's certainly been a factor, though--that "Old Movies With Colds" thread was particularly useful in that regard.)

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12 hours ago, Luisa39 said:

I just found another site where you can get sound-clip GIFs if you type in any of "the words":  https://getyarn.io/

WOW. That was much cooler than I expected! 

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