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Emily and Anna’s dusting debacle.


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Hi everyone. So this is part three of my maid series. I think I might put them all under one post soon but for now, enjoy. :)



“She really said that?” Anna asked.


“Yes.” Emily said “We are free to sneeze if we need to. No one if banned from the gardens because of there allergies any longer. I suppose she still wants us to be polite about it, but yes we can sneeze any time we need to.”



Emily and most of the house staff where in the kitchen as Emily explained Miss Everheart’s new rules, or lack there of, concerning sneezing. Many of the maids and servants smiled. Emily knew some had longed to enjoy the gardens but had not dared go near them. Other maids would now be able to share more of the dusting with the rest as up till now only those who could resist sneezing from the dust had accomplished that chore. 


“I can finally make some of the more spice filled meals I have been wanting to try.” the cook said.


“What made the Lady change her mind?” the red haired maid Anna asked. 


“That is not for me to know.” Emily said “It’s not our place to question the Lady but we should enjoy this new found liberty.”


The others nodded and thankfully did not push the subject. Emily was glad of it. She had managed not to let on that she was pretty sure she knew why Miss Everheart had made the change but she did not feel it would be right to tell the others. Ladies had a right to privacy after all. Emily did find it odd and slightly worrying that the Lady had developed such a fascination with sneezing. That was what it was, a fascination. Only one day had passed but she had already noticed changes. Miss Everheart had remained in the gardens with the Lady Caroline long after tea time had ended. When Emily went out to inform them that lunch would be ready momentarily, she found them sniffing flowers together. Not that that was odd but they had seemed to be trying different ones in an effort to make themselves sneeze. Miss Everheart had not commented on it so Emily did not ask but it was odd. That night after serving the Lady her night cap, Emily had heard sneezes coming from behind the bed room door as soon as she left. Quite loud sneezes for that matter and too many to just be a random tickle. Yes, Miss Everheart had found an new fascination. Well, it was none of Emily’s business what the Lady chose to do with her time. Her job was to care for the manner and wait on the Lady as she needed.



It was Wednesday which meant a full dusting of the Everheart manner was the agenda. Normally it took two days but as those whole staff could now participate, it should only take a day at most. Emily started her portion on the third floor library, dusting books, shelves, and tables. The library was quite large with many rows of literature in shelves that went far over Emily’s head and he had to use one of the ladders to reach the highest ones. 


Emily was have way through a shelf when she felt a sudden tickle in her nose. She rubbed it out of habit but it did not go away. She sighed. She could hold it in easily after so much practice but it would be an annoyance for the rest of her work day. Then she remembered, she did not have to hold anything in. She could just let her body naturally respond to the tickle and if she sneezed it was okay. Emily stopped dusting and took a moment to relax. After so long of training herself to not sneeze it took effort to let herself go. Slowly the tickle grew and grew until Emily’s eyes began to flutter and her face took on a desperate pre-sneeze look and then......nothing. The sneeze was stuck. Emily opened her eyes with a worried look. The tickle was driving her mad but her body would not let herself sneeze. She had to do something or she would go crazy. Embarrassed but seeing no alternative she began looking for something that would help her get the sneeze out. Her duster! She looked down at the dust covered feathers and concluded that if it didn’t help her sneeze nothing would. Gingerly Emily began to tickle her nose with the duster and the effects were almost instant.





She sneezed, harder and louder then she anticipated but the tickle wasn’t quite satisfied.




Two more sneezes and she was done and trying to catch her breath. 


“Wow. It must be true if you are sneezing.” a voice said “Your the most proper of us all.”


Emily jumped and held in a shriek. Turning quickly she saw Anna who’s pail skin was turning as red as her hair. Anna was the newest and youngest maid working at the manner. She was pretty in more of a cute way then sexy and she had bright red hair and a shy smile which she know wore from embarrassment.


“Sorry.” she said still blushing“I didn’t...did not mean to sneak up on you.” 


“It’s quite alright Anna” Emily said with a smile. She like Anna and had tried to take her under her wing so to speak teaching her how to be a good maid and how to speak in a more proper manner. She was a little surprised however to find Anna holding a feather duster.


Anna had not been assigned a dusting job since her first day when she had discovered she had a strong allergy to dust. Less then a minute dusting on that day had sent her running for the ladies room holding her nose. Thankfully Miss Everheart had been away that morning as her ten minute long sneezing fit could be heard even through the closed door. 


“Are you here to help tidy up the library?” Emily asked.


Anna nodded then remembered her manners. “Yes ma’am.” she said “Since the new rule about sneezing, I figured......I thought it would be acceptable.”


“Well, if you wish Anna you may help me with the next row.” Emily said “Just take it slow, you will be of little help if you are sneezing continuously.”


“Yes ma’am.” Anna said as the two maids walked around the end of the book shelf and began dusting the next row of books. Emily occasionally glanced at Anna as they worked to see how she was doing and so far things were going well. Anna seemed to be breathing through her mouth as subtly as she could and was keeping her nose as far from the dust as possible. Still Emily noticed Anna wiggle her nose every so often and once even inhale sharply.


“If you need to sneeze just sneeze.” Emily said “The Lady said it was permissible.”


Anna sniffed then replied “I am o-okay.” she said then added “I mean.....I shall be alright.”


Emily was not sure she believed the other woman and a moment later Anna’s nose was back to wiggling, obviously trying to reduce a tickle. Emily was rather surprised Anna had lasted so long. She herself felt like she might sneeze a few more times before they were finished. It was much more comfortable then holding them in as she always had.


After another hitch Emily was about to insist that Anna let herself sneeze when the door to the library opens loudly and Emily hear the voice of Miss Everheart.


“The Lady !” Anna whispered as her face took on a frantic look of desperation. As luck would have it Anna’s nose had at that moment decided it was going to sneeze no matter what the rest of her thought about it. Out of habit Anna was trying to hold back but her eyes kept fluttering shut and she was looking more sneezy by the second.


“Anna dear.” Emily said now only whispering because they were in the library “Let yourself go. The Lady assured me that sneezing is perfectly permissible unless there are.......guests.”


Time seems to slow as and as Anna’s eyes rolled shut and her let herself go Emily realized she had missed something important. Why would the Lady be talking as she entered the library if she did not have a guest with her.


Her eyes growing wide Emily did the only thing she could think of, she placed a finger tightly under Anna’s nose and held it there hoping to stop the sneeze.


Anna’s eyes popped open.


“Wha...wha....what are you eh heh you doing?” Anna asked quietly still on the very edge of a sneeze.


“The Lady is not alone.” Emily replied and Anna’s eyes widened.


They were four shelves deep in the library so Miss Everheart and her guest had not hear or seen them but if Anna sneezed she would shatter the quiet of the library in quite spectacular fashion and Emily hated to think what the Lady might say. But now there was another problem. Holding someone’s nose so they did not sneeze was far from proper and Miss Everheart would likely not be pleased but if she moved then Anna would launch into a fit of sneezes. 


Both women froze hoping that the Lady would leave quickly. Anna was whispering to herself frantically.


“Don’t sneeze. Don’t sneeze. Don’t sn-sneeze. D-don’t hah sn-sneh heh eh!”


“Hold it in young lady!” Emily whispered forcefully. They needed to find a solution quickly or they would be caught for sure. Maybe they could sneak out. Emily motioned Anna to move and they slowly crept to the far edge of the row, Emily still keeping her finger pressed firmly against Anna’s nose. Reaching the edge Emily slowly peaking around and did not see the Lady or her guest although she could hear the Lady talking.


“Perhaps you will be able to find something suitable here.” Miss Everheart was saying “There are many times to choose from.”


“Perhaps.” another woman’s voice said “There are quite a few candidates in here.”


In the back of her mind Emily thought she knew the other voice but right now she was focused on sneaking out with Anna. They passed one row, the another. The voices where coming from the opposite side of the book shelves so as long as she kept peaking around each row before they moved they should be able to get out. As they moved Anna began to look more and more dazed as the urge to sneeze grew so strong it began to replace all other thoughts in her mind and Emily noticed this.


“Just a bit further.” she whispered “you can make it.”


It was true they were almost there, just now passing the last row but Emily was walking backwards as she had to keep her finger under Anna’s nose. That was why she wound up brushing against the tall drapes that hung covering the last window before the door. Having not been cleaned yet the showered both women in a fine mist of dust. Anna was safe as Emily was covering her nose but Emily’s nose was quite open. The moment she felt the tickle she knew they were caught. Anna, who had often had to hold her sneezes in was quite good at it, at least at first but Emily who rarely sneezed did not have the practice and already having a minor tickle, with the addition of more dust she never stood a chance.




Emily’s sneezes were beyond her control coming out loud and powerful. Worse yet her finger slipped away from Anna’s nose.





Anna sneezed and sneezed letting out the fit that she had held in longer then she thought possible. Her sneeze were more high pinched and girly then Emily’s but still just as loud. They also grew faster and faster until there seemed no pause at all between them. Both maids sneezed so hard they had to hold on to each other to not lose there balance. 


When the fits finally slowed both women opened there eyes to see Miss Everheart and her guest staring at them. The maids jumped and curtsied. Emily was about to apologize to Miss Everheart for the both of them but her words stopped as she recognized the Lady’s guest. It was the Lady Caroline. Why on earth was Miss Everheart suddenly spending so much time with this odd woman.


With Emily hesitating Anna blurted out “M-ma’am! S-sorry ma’am it was the d....d....dust HEEEESSHEEEEEW!!! Oh! I’m sorry again I just couldn’t h-help i-it.”


Emily grimmest as Anna’s words spilled out, loosing all properness due to her nervousness. She wa about to try to make up for it when Caroline spoke.


“It’s quite alright dear.” Caroline said “You simply could not resist the dust in this room. It is quite thick, I may need to sneeze myself soon. Here my dear, use this.”


Caroline handed Anna a handkerchief and the young maid gratefully accepted. Emily’s eyes grew wide and frantically trying to think of a reason to stop Anna from using it that would be acceptable. If Emily knew Lady Caroline, that handkerchief was covered in snuff. 


She was about to just grab for it when she saw Miss Everheart’s face and froze. Her Lady had the slightest hint of a smile and her face wore a look of anticipation. She......she knew what Caroline was doing and wanted Anna to sneeze?!. Emily did not know what to make of it.


As for poor Anna she used the handkerchief to touch her nose in a very ladylike way but then her regained poise was instantly lost as her face returned to its desperate pre-sneeze look.


“Oh my.” Lady Caroline said “It appears you have some more on the way. Don’t be shy dear, just let them out.”


Fighting to keep her fluttering eyes open Anna looked at Miss Everheart who gave the smallest nod, then Anna exploded in sneezes.






Anna’s fit continued for what seemed like an eternity while Emily stood speechless and the two noble women seemed to just watch. When the sneezes finally finished Anna had a look of such pure release and relief on her face that Emily was sure she had forgotten where she was for just a moment. 


“That must have felt good my dear.” Lady Caroline said.


“Yeah.” Anna said still dazed then she jumped as Emily elbowed her. Wide eyed she remembered herself “I-I mean y-yes ma’am! I means no ma’am....I mean, I tried not hold them but they just overwhelmed my heh my eh neh n-nose HEEEEESHOOOOOW!”


“Bless you dear.” Lady Caroline said smiling warmly. Emily was sure she saw the slight hit of mischief in that smile as well.


“It’s is quite alright Anna.” Miss Everheart said finally speaking “As I ordered, sneezing is no longer frowned upon. However, perhaps next time you should asked the head maid if there are guests in the manner before dusting.”


“Yes ma’am.” both maids said followed by a hitch from Anna.


“Take a moment to gather yourself Anna. Emily, see to it that she rests until her sneezes are more under control, then she may return to work. Perhaps a bit of tea. Tell the cook I sent you.”


Both maids curtsied- HEEEESSHOOOOOOW a sudden sneeze almost made Anna fall over as she finished. The both women moved past and through the door.


“Be a dear and close the door after you.” Lady Caroline said as Emily did so, not showing her frustration at the woman. 


Anna continued to sneeze as they walk down the hall but Emily barely noticed. What on earth was happening? Three days now Miss Everheart had spent her time with this Lady Caroline and each time more odd sneezy occurrence had taken place. Why? Emily had even heard a sneeze from behind them as she closed the door and was pretty sure it had been Miss Everheart. 


As they reached the kitchen Emily came to a resolution. She had bee tasked with taking Miss Everheart her evening night cap and decided she would ask her. The Lady had occasionally spoken with her during these pre bed visits and Emily intended to get to the bottom of what ever was happening. She just had to find out what was going on and what this new fascination was all about. After all, there had to be more to it then just the sneezes themselves. Sneezing was nothing special.......was it?

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6 hours ago, bben9 said:

Uh...Where's Part 1 & 2!?

I still need to combine them into one post but for now they are both posted under original fiction.

part one it call “the maid and the sneeze” and part two is “A Strange Day in the Gardens.”

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On February 15, 2018 at 3:41 PM, Light said:

Fighting to keep her fluttering eyes open Anna looked at Miss Everheart who gave the smallest nod, then Anna exploded in sneezes.






Anna’s fit continued for what seemed like an eternity while Emily stood speechless and the two noble women seemed to just watch. When the sneezes finally finished Anna had a look of such pure release and relief on her face that Emily was sure she had forgotten where she was for just a moment. 

Great stuff!

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Glad you all are enjoying this. 

So just wanted to say that the story collection is posted and any further parts for this will be posted as part of that. “The Sneezy adventures of an English maid” is the title. (Until I think up a better one :))

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I really like the premise of giving someone a snuff filled handkerchief and causing them to break out in a huge sneezing fit.  Some more snuff based sneezing would be much appreciated.  Keep up the great work.

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