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Hi everyone! This is my first story to post on this site as well as my first fetish story, so I apologize if it isn't that great but I wanted to try writing out a quick little story for two OC's I created. Anyways I hope you enjoy and let me know if you want me to continue!



I peeked into the meeting room, which was converted into a small panel. Watching as Kaito answered the fan’s questions, it was the third panel of the day and thankfully the last. After this Kaito and I planned on meeting at one of our favorite artist’s booth to walk around the convention and see all the cool booths and buy some merch, but with one glance at Kaito I figured we would end up going back to our hotel room and rest until we’d meet up with our friends and go out to dinner. He slouched back into his seat once he finished answering the question, raising a fist to rub his nose. Although I was just standing in the back, I could already tell that he caught another one of his famous colds. It didn’t matter what season or where he was, when he traveled he would inevitably come down with something. Turning back, I made my way to the door hoping to sneak out as easily as I snuck in.

“Let’s see wha-hih-, excuse meh-”

I whipped my head around just in time to see Kaito turn as far away from the microphone as he could and bury his face into his other arm, “heeIISHHOO,” he gave his head a quick shake, “Sorry, that came out of nowhere. Now what was the question again?”

I bit my lip, suddenly glad that I managed to sneak in when I did, before finally leaving the room. I walked over to our meeting place, and began to people watch, which was 10 times more fascinating with all the cosplayers. Suddenly I felt something graze against my sides and let out a squeal.

“Just me,” I tilted my head back to see Kaito grinning, his arms now wrapped around my waist.

I leaned against him, “You’re such a jerk, you know that?”

He sniffled wetly in my ear as he lowered his head, “Yeah, but you love me anyways.”  

Fuck, fuck, fuck! He wasn’t playing fair and he knew it. I felt my face turn red as I turned around, breaking out of his embrace muttering a very non-threatening, “Shut up.” He just grinned and raised a hand to swipe under his nose. Now that he was standing right in front of me I could get a better look to see how well he was feeling. His nose looked red around the nostrils, which I already knew from the panel, but his brown eyes were clear and his overall complexion looked healthy.

“Hey,” Kaito said drawing my attention, “are you okay?” his eyebrow raised curiously. I nodded and smiled, “I’m fine, the better question is are you okay? You up to walking around or do you wanna head up to our room and chill till dinner?” I asked.

He scrunched his nose while taking my hand, an obvious sign that it was annoying him. “I’m good Mal, just a head cold. *Snnf*  Plus I want to walk around with you.”  With just that sentence my heart went doki doki and my earlier worries flew out the window.  Kaito knew his limits and I knew when to fight him about it or when to just go along with my sneezy man’s agenda. Today fell into the latter category. For the next hour and a half I dragged Kaito around, excited to see everything this con could offer. It was what I imagined being at Disney would feel like, that excited happy feeling in your chest as you run around trying to see and experience everything. Every once in a while we would be stopped by a fan or two who wanted to get a picture with their favorite voice actor, and of course Kaito would oblige.

“Okay ready?” I asked as I held up the girl’s cellphone. The young girl just grinned and nodded her head, too starstruck to do anything else. I glance over at Kaito to see if he was ready to take the picture, he held a finger up the universal sign of ‘one second, I’m gonna sneeze’. I lower the cell phone, my full attention on the man in front of me. Slowly Kaito raises the arm away from the young fan, “heeeiSHOO, he-ITCH” with a wet sniffle he raised his head.

“Bless you,” I told him raising the phone again. Kaito smiled and nodded, his dark bangs falling into his eyes. I smiled and waited for him to readjusted himself for the picture. “Alright, 1...2….3!” I snapped the photo and handed the girl's phone back to her, “here you go.” The little girl squeaked a thank you before running off into the crowd.

“ISHHOOOO...heiiSHOOO….SHOOO” I turn around to see Kaito with his face buried in the crook of his arm. I rummage through my purse for the travel pack of tissues, figuring that he would need one after that triple, “bless you,” I said holding out a tissue.

He lifted his head and sniffled wetly before taking the tissue, “Thangk you.” I just smiled as he raised the tissue and blew his nose. Damn, I'm one lucky girl. Nose fairly cleared, Kaito bunched up the tissue and tossed it in a nearby trash can.

“So, after chasing me around the con and watching me fangirl all over the place. Do you wanna head up to our room?” I asked, eyeing his reddening nose and his tired expression. Kaito sniffled, “Sure, what do you want to do when we get there?” he grinned. I felt my face flush, but two could play this game. I raised to stand on my tiptoes, trying to match his tall stature. My lips near his ear, “I guess that all depends.” I back away a little to plant a quick kiss on his nose. Immediately he pulled away, “heIISHOO..heITCH”. Grinning I grabbed his hand, ready to leave. “That was foul play!” he said, scrubbing his irritated nose.

I stuck my tongue out at him teasingly, “Maybe, but you love me anyways.”

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Ummm I love this, it’s darling, they have such a playful yet tender relationship. Welcome to them and you!

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On 2/16/2018 at 3:07 PM, helyzelle said:

I like this, I would love to see more of Kaito and his famous colds :)


On 2/16/2018 at 8:44 PM, famouslastmemories said:

a g h.  part 2 my dude, this is good :]


On 2/16/2018 at 9:23 PM, CharliesGirl said:

I’m really liking this and would love to read more :)


On 2/16/2018 at 10:12 PM, queenie said:

Ummm I love this, it’s darling, they have such a playful yet tender relationship. Welcome to them and you!


On 2/16/2018 at 10:48 PM, M214186 said:

What a great premise for a story. Loved it. 

I just want to thank all of you for your sweet comments! They all made my day and alas here is the continuation of this specific story of Kaito and Mallory..I have multiple story ideas for these two so let me know if you still want more after you read this update!



By the time we entered our room, whatever Kaito originally planned had been placed on the backburner. In just the 20 minutes it took to get here his cold symptoms seemed to worsen, consistently sniffling due to congestion setting in and the frequency of his sneezes increased too. As I stepped into the room I turned on the lights, both the main and the bathroom’s, “alright, we’ve got about 4ish hours until dinner with your friends. So let’s get you into the shower.”

Kaito raised his fist pressing it against his nose, “heptCH...ugh, sounds good.” With a shake of his head, he walked into the bathroom. I on the other hand walked over to our suitcases and grabbed him some fresh clothes to lounge in once he was finished in the shower.

“HEPCHOO...heh..hih..giTCH-uh”  I entered the bathroom, Kai already in the shower. Bent by the waist, the steam from the shower already working to relieve him of congestion. I placed his change of clothes on the toilet, “Bless you, I’m leaving your clothes on the toilet.”

Kaito peeked his head out from the sheer shower curtain, black hair plastered to his forehead and nose a darkening shade of red, “Tha-hih-nk...gh’AESHOO...ugh, snfl thangk you.” I smiled and pressed a chaste kiss on his moist lips, “I’ll leave some cold medicine on the counter.” With a nod of his head Kaito ducked back into the shower to release a whole volley of sneezes, “HAAAAESSCHEWWW!! HEPCHEWWWW!!!  Heh...heh..HEESSSSCHEWWWW!!

A small smile tugged at my lips as I rummaged through his toiletry bag for cold medicine, “bless you!”

“he-PCH, hiih-HAESHEW...lobe you,” came the response. A wave of warmth ran through my body, goddamn this man. Finally finding what I was looking for, I left the medicine and filled the complimentary plastic cup with water from the sink. Reluctantly I left the bathroom and my sneezy man in order to change into an oversized t-shirt, that may or may not be Kaito’s. Once changed, I grab my laptop and plop myself on the bed. Scrolling through my social media, as I listened to Kaito’s sneezes.


I bit my lip, jeezus if only he knew what exactly his sneezes do to me. A few minutes pass and Kaito walks out of the bathroom, a tissue cupped around his nose with a hearty blow I can still hear some congestion. Guess the shower didn’t clear all of it, Kai lets out a sigh and crumples the used tissue. “How you feeling?” I ask adjusting my legs so he had room to sit.   

“ A liddle congested,” Kaito sniffled wetly to prove his point, “and tired but other than that I’m good.” Kai tosses the tissue in the nearby waste basket and sits down on the area of the bed that I cleared off for him, his arms supporting him from behind. I move my laptop off my lap and scooch closer to Kaito, wrapping my arms around his and place my chin on his shoulder.

“Wanna cuddle and watch a movie?” I run my hands up and down his arm and wait for his response. With a wet sniffle Kai turns his head and places a light kiss on my forehead, “I’d love to, just led me grab the dissues.” I grin and pull away to grab my laptop and allow Kaito to get up.

I already pulled up the movie when Kaito came to join me on the bed,  “ So whad movie did you decide on?” he asked.

I gave him a teasing smile, “ Disney’s ZOMBIES

Kaito just chuckled and plucked out a tissue, “Your Disney obsessiond has do bounds does id?”

“Nope,” I replied trying to keep my concentration on playing the movie instead of my boyfriend who was currently blowing his nose. Once the blowing stopped and I had the movie up I turn my head to Kaito, “ready?”

Kaito pulls up the covers and sniffles, “yep.”

He was already asleep by the time the first song ended. Which was one of the reasons why I chose this movie, it was one that Kai wouldn’t feel bad if he slept through. I however was absolutely invested in the new DCOM, enjoying every minute of it while Kaito snored. By the time the movie ended we had about an hour and a half until dinner with Kaito’s college friends. Slowly I climbed out of the bed, careful not to wake Kaito. Once up, I walked over to my suitcase trying to find an outfit for dinner. Sure we were just meeting up with his old college friends, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. It’s the first time I’d be meeting them, hell I still haven’t met his parents yet! So choosing the perfect outfit was essential to hide the fact that I’m a big bundle of nerves.

Since I also had no idea where we’re going to dinner, I settled on my jean skirt, dark purple floral tank pairing it with my army green button down and suede booties. Once I changed, I also redid my makeup and fixed the curly mess that I call hair.

“hept’CHOO...ugh that one hurt.”

I turn away from fixing my eyeliner in the mirror to see Kaito sitting up, rubbing his nose with his fist, “ Bless you baby.”

“Thanks,” Kai lifted his hands to rub the sleep from his eyes, “Hey, Mallory what time is it?”

I glance at my watch, “It’s 5:45, we still got time before we need to leave.”

“Mal, we’ve got about half an hour till we need to leave. Why are you getting all dressed up? It’s just dinner with Colin and Mark,” Kaito asked eyeing me as I continued to fix my makeup.

I sheepishly turn back around to face him, “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.”

Kaito swung his legs over the edge of the bed and walked to me. Taking hold of my hands, “Why? They’re just some old college buddies.”

I look up at him, “I know but I wanna make a good impression! I want them to accept me as your girlfriend..” I trail off looking back down, realizing how dumb I must sound.

“Hey,” Kai lifted my chin with his finger, “they will love you.”

“Really?” I ask as Kaito pulled me into a hug.

“Really, and youhhihh….hih..” Kaito pressed me against him, one hand against my back and the other cupping the back of my head, “Hhh-- EEIIISSSHHHeeeoooo!!”

“Bless you,” I mumble into his shirt.

“ Thangks, snfl- as I was saying, you look gorgeous.” He pressed a kiss on top of my head before pulling away and grabbing another tissue.

“ You’re gorgeous too.”

Kaito looked up from blowing his nose, and I blush at my incorrect and not so smooth flirting skills. Slowly Kaito lowers the tissue and exposes his red raw nose, his lips quirked in that little smirky side smile I love.

“Yeah, I bet I look gorgeous with this red nose and bed-head.” he joked, tossing another used tissue into the wastebasket.

“You know what I meant, buckethead.” I pouted turning back to the mirror, fiddling with my hair. I heard Kai chuckle before he snaked his hands around my waist and rests his chin on top of my head.

“ I know but look,” Kaito nudged his head to get me to look at our reflection, “ you look much prettier than me right now.” As I stared at our reflection I could see the blush rise on my cheeks.

I place my hands over his, “then go get dressed, then we can be equally pretty.” I tried to pry his hands open and off of me. Suddenly I felt Kaito’s chest rise rapidly and let my hands rest on top as his. I leaned against his chest a little more and watched him in the mirror. His eyes were now closed and his tongue peaked out of his parted lips.

“ih….heh...hePTCH” he stifled into his shoulder, reluctant to let me go. Not that I would have wanted to leave, the rise and fall of his chest and the way his abs tightened when he sneezed. Yumm just yum.

“Bless you,” I said tilting my head back.

“Thangk you Mal,” Kaito replied sniffling, almost reluctantly he moved one hand from my waist to knuckle his red nose. I break away from his grasp and stand on my tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek, “ go get dressed, do you want more medicine?”

With me no longer in his grasp Kaito grabbed another tissue from the bedside table. After a liquid blow he shook his head, as if it’ll help clear the congestion, “ yeah, I’ll take some right before we leave.”

“Sounds good,” I called as he grabbed what he was going to wear and entered the bathroom.

We were now parked outside of the restaurant, a little pub like establishment. Kaito got out and opened my door, we walked up to the restaurant together. Waiting outside were two couples, both of the men light up when they saw Kaito. So this must be Colin and Mark.

“Kai! What up man?” the shorter blonde man asked pulling Kaito into one of those ‘bro hugs’.

Snfl haha, hey Colin.” Kaito replied smiling, he stepped away from Colin and embraced the other taller and darker skinned man, Mark.

“Hey Kaito, it’s nice to see you again.” Mark said after they broke out of their hug.

“It’s nice to see you both, let me introduce you to my girlfriend,” Kaito took my hand, “ this is Mallory.”

Both men and their significant others looked at me, I just smiled and offered my hand like my step-dad taught me, “nice to meet you.”

They all shook my hand and introduced themselves, Colin was Kaito’s roommate and Mark was his best friend. I also learned that Sara was Colin’s girlfriend and Alex was Mark’s wife.

“Shall we go in then?” Mark asked, placing a hand on Alex’s back guiding her towards the door.

We all followed suit and walked into the pub and were seated at a booth, Colin, Sara and Mark on one side while Alex, Kaito and I sat on the other side.

“So, how did you two meet?” Mark asked after we placed our order.

I looked over at Kaito to see if he was going to answer but he was turned toward me, arm raised, “HeptCHO..snfl.”

“Bless you,” I commented before answering Mark’s question, “I met Kai at a work event.”

His eyebrows raised, “Oh, so you’re a voice actor too?”

I laughed, “No, I just help run the forums and blog. Though I also do some other random tasks too.”

Alex leaned forward trying to see me around Kaito, “That’s so cool!”

I ran a hand through my hair, feeling a little embarrassed, “thanks.”

“heh-RRSHOO! - hhaah-RRSHOoo”

I look back at Kaito who had his face buried in his arm. I was about to bless him when Colin interrupted, “ Jeez Kai, your sneezing is as annoying as ever, I swear living with you...,” Colin trailed off and glanced over at me, “Hey Mallory is it annoying to listen to this guy sneeze all the time?”

His question and tone took me off guard, I look back at Kaito and I saw him tense and clench his jaw. I look back at Colin, “ No, but I find you making him uncomfortable annoying.”

Colin flushed at my comment but said nothing as the waitress arrived with our food. Slowly I began to regret what I said, thinking that I went too far and might have made Kai even more uncomfortable. As the waitress was placing our food on the table, I wrote “sorry” on his thigh, hoping he would get the message. Once I finished he gave my hand a squeeze, assuring me that it was okay.

The rest of the night was uneventful, we were asked more questions, mainly asking when we would be back in the San Francisco area and there were a few more stray sneezes from Kaito but other than that it was fine.

After we said our goodbyes, Kaito and I walked back to the car. As soon as I closed the door an apology ripped out of me, “ Kai, I’m soo sorry for snapping at Colin like that.”

Kaito just smiles and turns to face me, “ It’s alright but you didn’t snfl answer him.”

I raised an eyebrow in confusion, “did you want me to?”

He just shrugged, no longer looking me in the eyes. Honestly it baffled me, we’ve been together for a year and even though I haven’t explicitly said ‘I have a sneezing fetish’ I figured he had the general idea that I didn’t mind his sneezing, even liked it.

Slowly I cupped my hands around his face, “Kai, baby, you’re sneezing isn’t annoying,” he sniffled wetly, the medicine having worn off, “ in fact..” I trailed off moving to whisper in his ear, “ I love it.”

Kai pulled away so he could see me, his nose twitching, “really?”

The knowledge that I just confessed one of my biggest secrets set in and I could feel my face flush red, “ yeah, does that weird you out?”

Kaito shook his head, “ nooh-hih...iht’s...peerhi-EPCHOO….heeAACHHOO...snfl...berfect.” he gave me a silly grin while his nose wriggled trying to dispel the tickle.

Goddamnit I love this man! Unable to help myself I kiss his nose before moving down to his lips. It was sweet, but short as Kai pulled away, “ hiihh..hiih..hiiRCHOO”.

Kaito raised his fist and began to knuckle his nose, “Gods, I love you.” I said watching him. Kaito stopped and lowered his fist, nose a bright and angry red.

“I lobe you doo”

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3 hours ago, starpollen said:

These two are very cute :)

ahhh thank you!! I'm glad you think so, your stories inspired me to write this!

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That part where you wrote on his thigh....tooooo good! 

His vulnerability with the sneezes and the way you defended him,

Having to sneeze but not wanting to let you go and you can feel the spasm and stuff,

Whispering and sniffling in the ear and him being so confident even with his sickness when it’s just y’all two.....somebody pick me up off the floor. I love small details and good writing in a cold fic. Congrats! 

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1 hour ago, Reader said:

That part where you wrote on his thigh....tooooo good! 

His vulnerability with the sneezes and the way you defended him,

Having to sneeze but not wanting to let you go and you can feel the spasm and stuff,

Whispering and sniffling in the ear and him being so confident even with his sickness when it’s just y’all two.....somebody pick me up off the floor. I love small details and good writing in a cold fic. Congrats! 

awww you're too sweet! Thank you so so SOOO much for the compliments and I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

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Hey guys I posted another story about Mallory and Kaito, please check it out!


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