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I believe my man, J, is coming down with a cold. He mentioned yesterday at lunch that he had something going on with his sinuses that was irritating him. At that point he said he mostly felt fine, and hoped he wasn't getting sick.

i stopped in his department to visit him before he left work for the day. I was chatting with him and his boss. He got up and gathered all of his stuff, and was walking past his boss when he looked back and forth and said, "I have to sneeze." Then he walked forward, still talking about what we were discussing before he made his announcement.  Once he was done speaking, he stoped and tipped his head back, raised his right arm, and sneezed into his elbow. This particular sneeze was fairly loud for him, and the emphasis was on the release. Personally, I was on fire inside after witnessing it. I blessed him. Then he said dramatically, "I told you I had to sneeze!" 😂 So adorable. And he was very sniffly as I walked him out of the building.

Later on in the evening, I called him because I had some stuff for him. We had a mutual work friend who always said if you started to feel a cold coming on, drink blackberry brandy right away to knock it out. So I was going to bring him the half bottle I still had at home. And when I called him, I could tell that he wasn't feeling well. He still let me drop some stuff off, except he didn't let me buy him anything else even though I was stopping at the store first. 😞 But for the ten minutes I was there, I got to hug him, and I even kissed him. He gave me a goofy grin and said, "You gonna get sick now."  I told him it was worth it if I did. But honestly, I hope he feels better today because we are supposed to be bowling tonight and I want him there.

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7 hours ago, Sneesee said:

Then he said dramatically, "I told you I had to sneeze!"

Love the image this brings to mind!

Thanks for always sharing stories about J.

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J decided to go bowling last night after all, which I was very happy about. I went to pick him up, because I figured if he wasn't feeling 100%, that maybe I should drive to bowling. He definitely has a cold, and was sniffling a lot when I got to his house. His voice was rough with congestion, but he grabbed some tissues, and we headed off to bowling.

When we got there and started bowling, his symptoms seemed to subside for the most part, except for an occasional sniffle and nose rub. Whenever someone asked how he was, he would say that he was slightly under the weather, and that it was just annoying. In fact, he just had the perfect mixture of being stoic and also sort of weak that made me melt. He was brave and soldered on in front of everyone at bowling, but later on around me, he was so adorable.

Anyway, he didn't bowl as well as he wanted to (we all blamed it on his cold, that his head was fuzzy and it was hard for him to focus), and as I drive back to his house he was pouting about that fact. I was trying to cheer him up, and I had my right hand on his thigh. With no warning whatsoever, he threw his right hand over his face and sneezed into his elbow. I have to say, his cold sneezes are much more forceful and slightly louder than his normal sneezes. I blessed him as I squeezed his leg. He said, "Tanks." (That's not a spelling error, he actually said it that way. 😋) After that sneeze, it was like all of his cold symptoms came back full force. He even said he was glad that he wasn't so sniffly at bowling. But the rest of the ride home, he sniffled so much, I was surprised he didn't grab his tissues to blow his nose.

When we got back to his house, he invited me in. I was sort of surprised because I thought he might want to go straight to bed. But he asked me if I would like to come in, even if he was just a lump on a log. Of course I went inside to hang out with him. 😉 The first thing he did was blow his nose. Now, for anyone who loves that part, he is really cute when he blows his nose. I almost wonder if he is shy about it, because he turned his back to me, and blew it so softly. He seemed to feel a bit better after that. He drank some tea, we shared the rest of the blackberry brandy I gave him (he has another full bottle I bought him yesterday), and then we went to sit on his couch to watch a movie. We got comfy on his couch, and he was actually being a lil bit naughty with me, and teasing me, which was surprising given that he didn't have a lot of energy and his kid was not far away from us on his computer. But I certainly enjoyed his attention. ☺️ He let me pick out the movie, and I chose an old 80's movie, "The Money Pit," with Tom Hanks. J had never seen it, and thought since we both work at a home improvement retailer, that he might find it funny.

We were laying on the couch, I was half underneath him, and his had was on my chest. He always says that he likes my "pillows."  About 15 minutes into the movie, he tensed up, lifted his head off my chest, held up his left arm, and sneezed, "Huh-Shuh!"  I blessed him. He left his arm up, and after a slight pause, sneezed again, a lovely three syllable, "Huh-ah-shoo!" Another blessing from me and he gently laid his head back on my chest, and sniffled wetly. I kissed him gently on his forehead. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Towards the end of the movie, he gave me a repeat performance, the same volume sneezes with a pause in between. After I blessed him and he relaxed, he croaked softly, "Oh, I'm dying." I kissed him and held him tightly. I wished I could have stayed with him all night.

When the movie was over, it was late. I knew he needed his rest, so I prepared to leave. We hugged and kissed. He kind of sighed at me and said, "You better not get sick. I don't want you catching my cold." I just laughed and kissed him again. I hardly ever get sick, but if I did get sick, I would want to catch it from him anyway, not anyone else. 

He knows I am off of work today, and I am kind of hoping he might want some company. 😊

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