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"that felt great"


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Names and identifying details changed to protect the innocent…


I was out the other night with two of my friends.  They’re a couple, and both pretty good looking.  Late 20s, he’s tall, thin, athletic with longish hair brown hair.  She’s short and skinny with blonde hair, and really pretty.  He seemed to have a mild cold- blew his nose a few times over the course of the evening.

We were all sitting at the bar together talking, with him in the middle.  Suddenly he said “I have to sneeze” and pulled his t-shirt up over his nose.  She and I both looked at him.  Nothing happened for a moment, he just sat there kind of staring off into middle space and his t-shirt hooked on the tip of his nose.


And he dropped his t-shirt back down.  “That felt great!”

And she said “I love a good sneeze.”

I, uh, didn’t have anything to add to the conversation.

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Could this scenario have been any better? Glad you witnessed and even gladder you've decided to share!

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13 hours ago, Anonymouse said:

Could this scenario have been any better?

From my perspective, it would've been a whole lot better if she was the one sneezing, but...I figured others would enjoy.

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