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My another cold


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Hi, guys. I wasn't here for a long time, but i caught a cold again. It started yesterday from sore throat all day and i've got runny nose at the evening. I feel that my head is congested. I sneezed 7 Times yesterday, but no sneezes today yet. I used whole roll of toilet paper to blow my nose from yesterday's evening (i have 1:07pm now, so not much time passed).

It sounds really strange, but I hope for sneezing fits today. Cold with no sneezes its not a cold :P If something will change, I will post you.

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Runny nose passed today for few minutes and i felt better. I thought it's only very short cold, but now it got worse. I have a headache, runny nose is getting back and i'm feeling tired. 

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Im right after my 15 sneezes in a row. I just felt a tickle in my nose which doesnt wanted to pass, so i induced just to feel relief of that tickle. I induced only one sneeze and i felt deep into a sneezing fit. 15 sneezes... That almost stuned me and I really didn't induce these sneezes. i just wanted to get rid off that tickle. One induced sneeze...

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14 hours ago, Ariel said:

Can you spell your sneezes?


Today i sneezed about 10 times. My sneezes were like "AH-CHOOO!" "EHH-TSCHIEWW!" and into a tissues "AH-PSHHHH".


Still sniffling, still coughing, still sneezing. I woke up at 10am today with a two really wet sneezes "AH-CHOOO!" (gross...), walked to the toilet to blow my nose and went back to bed. I was sleeping 10 hours, but i was tired and i finally woke up at about 1:00pm... (13 hours). Today was better, i've got back my smell and taste, but now, from last few hours i can't smell and taste anything again. I have many tickles in my nose, but im tired of inducing sneezes (yeah, even if i did that only once) :/


I was sure, that this cold is passing, but now it got worse again. It's strange for me, really.

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I can't say that my cold is passed, but just 4 sneezes today and I'm feeling not bad.


I still have runny nose, only because of my sinus :/ It is dripping down to my nose all day, im blowing it very often. One wet blow = one minute of peace and then it starts again. I have a headache, but it's typical. Im coughing very often (I'm coughing even if I'm "healthy", because of smoking, but now im doing this more). I think that something went bad, like I didn't heal this cold well, even if that one was very short (or is it continues?). Ok it's typical to have little damaged sinus and coughing, but i think it's stronger than always.

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