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The sneezes?


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So, if there's one thing that (almost) everyone in the world can talk about now it's the Olympics. We are right in the middle of the Winter games and also there seems to be virtually every award show on now not to mention the Super Bowl a few weeks back and the World Cup this year. 

If there was an event/award for sneezing what would it be? I cant help but think how much fun that would be.

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And the award for best acted sneeze in a major motion picture goes to...

This is a great idea!!!😉

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Ooh... a competition for the longest holdback would be cool! And fun to watch... 

But as fun as that would be, can you imagine your parents calling you up and saying “Hey, come watch the annual sneezing competition with us! Who do you think will win?” Talk about awkward...😬

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