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I've been looking for sneezes from Alex but I've found no luck yet. I've recently started watching him because of his brother from LazyRon Studios and since he did some videos about sneezing i figured i would start watching Alex and his videos are interesting to me. If anyone else watches Alex and possibly finds a sneeze from him just post here please cause that would be nice thank you, but anyway I'm gonna keep looking.

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6 minutes ago, SneezeFan2312 said:

Ahh I love Alex and I've been wondering what his sneeze sounds like - yum :) Thanks for finding this! 

No prob hopefully me or someone else will find more sometime

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On 2/21/2018 at 7:33 AM, sneezelover3 said:

Yay I found one!! He sneezes once in this video at about 46 seconds it's from his brother Aaron's channel


wowie thats a nice sneeze

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