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I got the Flu for Valentine’s day. (Includes Sneeze Wav)


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So the flu has been pretty bad this year and I managed to catch it.

I started getting a sore throat on Valentine’s day night (Last wednesday). The next morning I woke up feeling really exhausted. I sneezed a lot of doubles but they were very sporadic throughout the day. I literally could not feel a sneeze coming on. Like it would just happen and i would barley have time to cover. By the time I got home from work I felt weak and tired and had chills so I laid in bed the rest of the night. I got up for work even sneezier than the day prior and my friend told me I look like I need to be in bed. I only lasted a couple hours and left at lunch. I came home, took my temperature, it was 101.9 degrees fahrenheit (38.8 celsius). By the end of the night I had a nasty sounding cough and went though a box of tissues blowing my poor nose. Over the weekend all I did was sleep, sneeze, cough, and blow my nose. It was a blast. 🙄  

Today is the first day I have had enough energy to venture outside. Stay safe and wash your hands. This flu bug is nasty! 

Warning, I sound really gross but here is a wav from one of the days I was sick. For those who like visuals, I have been told quite frequently that I resemble Blake Livley. 


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