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The Wogglebug's Method to Finding Lost Things (Oz-related)


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The Wogglebug is a character from the Oz books series. But I write about him in my own fandom in which he lives in Genoma. As he is in the public domain this story is from a picture book I have published. I hope it charms you along with the descriptions of the pictures.

Scene 1

{Mr. Wogglebug is stepping out of his bed on the right side of it. He is smiling brightly and looking toward the window across from him. The sun has just risen up on a clear day and is shining with its rays filtering through the glass pane into the room.}

Hello to all my friends again! I would like to take the opportunity this time to relate to you a story about how one day I gained a new lesson about how to find things I misplace. Then ended up being able to teach others the same, only to gain another lesson for myself! It all began one morning that started out just like most others do for me. I woke up and felt happy as I greeted the sun shining from behind my window as I got out on the right side of my bed.


Scene 2

{Mr. Wogglebug stands in front of a full-length mirror in the same room. He is fully dressed in his typical clothing. He is looking down slightly, his left hand is touching his chin in a worried gesture. His expression is confused as well as a bit anxious.}

Then I got myself dressed neatly. I put into my pockets my accessories I always carry with me. These include my Oz-gold watch, my notebook, my pencil case, my calling cards. All of these I found easily and put them in place. But then I suddenly didn't know where my handkerchief was. This puzzled and also worried me! For my handkerchief is important for me to have with me. I started to worry of what if I couldn't find it.


Scene 3

{Mr. Wogglebug is stepping out from the hall and into the foyer of the Emerald Palace. He is looking about with a look of deep thought, a finger to his chin. He is not worried but concentrating on remembering the events of the night before.

But I reminded myself not to worry, and reassured myself I would find my handkerchief by logically retracing my steps from the events of yesterday before I went to bed. Being thoroughly educated I understand how it is often a good idea to start back to the beginning if you lose something. I left my bedroom and went into the foyer.


Scene 4

{Flashback of Mr. Wogglebug and the Frogman from the evening before as they sit in their armchairs at a table in the foyer playing chess.}

I remembered the night before I had stayed up until about midnight while playing chess with the Frogman.


Scene 5

{Mr. Wogglebug enters the Royal Library. He is looking around in deep thought and speculation as he walks toward the bookcases by a desk and set of chairs around a glass table.}

After I found no recollection of leaving my handkerchief in the foyer, I retraced my steps from yesterday into the Royal Library. I could remember I'd spent a few hours there doing some detailed research into things I was interested in. So I approached this area.

Scene 6

{Flashback of Mr. Wogglebug as he sits at the desk in the library by the window. There is an open book spread out before him showing a picture of a butterfly with a big red head and blue wings shaped like triangles.}

I remembered I'd sat beside the window where there was the most light source.


Scene 7

{Mr. Wogglebug stands still beside the bookcases in-between the window with green curtains at the sides. There is a look of alarm and anxiety in his eyes as he presses his left forefinger firmly under his nose.}

I searched around my familiar spot for a few minutes, trying to recollect where I may have left my handkerchief last. I was startled when I suddenly felt a slight tingle in the tip of my nose. This quite alarmed me as I pressed my forefinger firmly under my nose . I mustn't sneeze until I've found my handkerchief. Much to my relief the feeling in my nose left after a moment. Then I left the library, knowing there must have been a bit of dust in it.


Scene 8

{Mr. Wogglebug steps outside a door and into an outer area of a beautiful garden. The garden has the feel of being in early Spring. There is a table and chairs set nearby next to a stone path.}

My urgency to find my handkerchief had elevated considerably. I quickly went to the very next place I remembered I was at during yesterday. The Royal Gardens, for yesterday I and the Frogman along with our friend Terry had a picnic there in the afternoon.


Scene 9

{Flashback of Mr. Wogglebug, the Frogman, and Terry gathered in the gardens. They are playing tennis while surrounded by many flowers and plants. A few butterflies matching the image in the book flutter about.}

Terry had taught us how to play tennis and hopscotch with her. Then we'd had a contest about which of us could name the most insects likely to come to which plants there were around us. When the Frogman named a few I wasn't sure I knew of was my reason for studying in the library afterward.


Scene 10

{Mr. Wogglebug stands off to the side behind a birdbath. Next to him is a large patch of pink and yellow flowers swaying in the wind slightly. He is once again pressing his forefinger firmly under his nose and has a very distressed look to his eyes and face.}

While I looked around the areas, I was suddenly startled once again when the feel of an oncoming sneeze entered my nose again. I quickly pressed my finger under my nose again and turned away from an area of flowers near me. I ought to have known at this time of year the pollen levels are high. Not that I am allergic, but I just have a sensitive feeler to my nose.


Scene 11

{Mr. Wogglebug walks briskly through the hallway inside the Emerald Palace. He looks distressed and a bit desperate. He has one hand up against his chin and the other to his forehead.}

I left the gardens and hurried back indoors. Once inside the need to sneeze left me once again. But I was aware I might not be so lucky next time. I felt quite distressed by now. I had to think very hard about where I must have last had my handkerchief with me. My thoughts took over and I quickly darted into the next corridor. I had an inkling in me I would get lucky if I kept moving forward in the direction.

Scene 12

{Mr. Wogglebug stands still with his forefinger pressed desperately under his nose with an anxious expression. Terry stands in front of him and looks very concerned and sympathetic as she sees his obvious distress.}

Suddenly I was met by my friend Terry in the corridor. She noticed I was distressed.

Mr. Wogglebug, what is wrong?” she asked.

I replied, “I can't remember where I left my handkerchief, and I..I..ahh...” I felt the need to sneeze come to me again and pressed my forefinger under my nose to halt it. “I am in a predicament because of it!” Terry saw this easily. She seemed to think quickly for a moment.


Scene 13

{Flashback of Mr. Wogglebug, the Frogman, and Terry sitting around their picnic blanket. A dragonfly that looks a lot like a tiny dragon darts past Terry's head. She is startled and so is the Wogglebug as a bit of the pineapple juice in the glass he holds splashes onto the left side of his vest.}

Then a memory flashed unto her. She explained to me the very next thing I needed to remember. “It must still be in the pocket of the vest you had on yesterday,” she exclaimed. “Which you put into the laundry basket after a bit of pineapple juice was spilled onto it during our picnic when one of those snap-dragonflies flew near and startled us.”


Scene 14

{Mr. Wogglebug stands beside Terry next to a big basket of clean laundry set on a countertop. Terry holds the Wogglebug's freshly clean handkerchief out to him. He gratefully takes hold of it with his right hand. His left forefinger is still pressed firmly under his nose.}

I instantly knew she was right, and that this was the next thing for me to remember! So we hurried down the hall, turned a corner shortly and found where the clean laundry baskets were kept. She reached into the bundle of clothing and quickly found my handkerchief and kindly handed it to me as I took it very gratefully.



Scene 15

{Mr. Wogglebug is facing away from Terry with his handkerchief pressed very firmly over his mouth and nose with both hands. He is obviously sneezing heavily into the handkerchief. Terry stands by him and looks slightly startled but is smiling with relief that she helped in a timely manner.}

After covering my nose and mouth very firmly with my clean handkerchief I turned myself around automatically and let my sneeze out fully into it. “Ahh..ahhh...AHH...CHOO-OOO!”

A bit heavily from being held in for a while, but at least no germs were spread whatsoever.

Oh my! Gesundheit, my friend!” Terry exclaimed afterward.


Scene 16

{Mr. Wogglebug is now turned around again. He is smiling with relief as he dabs at his nose in a polite way, and with gratitude as he looks at Terry. He has a free arm around as she hugs him just a little bit.}

I felt so much better, not to mentioned relieved now. “Thank you, my dear,” I said as I turned around again. “Especially for being there for me at the right moment!” I hugged Terry close to me for a moment to emphasize this. “You are a very clever, quick-witted girl, you know!”


Scene 17

{Mr. Wogglebug sits in his armchair in front of the hearth in the foyer. Across from him is the Frogman sitting in his own armchair. The Wogglebug is looking proud as he makes his statement, and also pats his vest pocket.}

Later I related these events to the Frogman as we had our evening fireside chat. “Then I of course had to wash my handkerchief again!” I concluded with a laugh. “The point of this is I've learned how it is wise to retrace one's steps when needing to find a personally lost item, in addition to getting a bit of help if need be.”

Very true,” said the Frogman. “For in times of urgency the mind takes over to do its best to outsmart any odds against the situation. Just as you and then Terry proved.”


Scene 18

{Mr. Wogglebug stands holding a large folded notepad under his arm, and a pair of binocular glasses turned up above his eyes. He proudly holds up a newly constructed gadget which looks like an iphone, a walkie-talkie, and a compass all combined into one. He beams at it with great satisfaction and admiration.}

I knew he was right. I also knew I'm not the only one capable of losing personal items. I decided to devise a way to help others be able to find missing items in just as affective and even better a way than I followed. For the next six months, I secretly created a new invention meant to do so. I named my invention a theory-detector. A device which responds to my voice commands, and a digital language I invented for it.







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