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Flu season... Collection of sneezes


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Hey there, it's flu season. Sneezing and coughing everywhere... It's not surprising that I've witnessed so many sneezes this week that I wanted to share them all. I will start with the male ones, feel free to scroll down to the female sneezes if you prefer :) 

Male obs:

In the bus:
This is a really short one. I was sitting in the bus (in the front row) when I heard some wet sniffles from behind. There were only a few people in the bus and I didn’t really want to turn around, as everyone would’ve noticed it. A few seconds later a wet “CHShhh!” followed. I’ve no idea how he looked like, he left the bus on the next station.







At School:
The guy sitting next to me suddenly turned his head while he was talking to me, sneezed a quick and soft “HuhShhht!
” and paused, blinking. I somehow managed to bless him. He thanked me, his voice still a little bit breathy. He was really cute!

When we were doing some group work afterwards, another guy (really tall, black, short hair and a nose with strangely sharp edges) erupted into a loud double: “EhhTshoo! TSHOO!

The sneezy week was ended by my Maths teacher, who sneezed quickly to the side “Hah’UhShhoo!”, tried to continue as if nothing had happened, but was interrupted by the whole class blessing him in chorus :D

Female obs:
For some reason I always hear/see/witness way more female sneezes than male ones. Do men always try to suppress their sneezes in public? But I took notes of the sneeze sounds anyway- for all the ones on here who enjoy female sneezes. I forgot to write down much of the appearance of the sneezers, though. Just just be creative and imagine them ;D

So… First I will start with certain girl I already mentioned in my first obs. She has blonde, long and straight hair, is rather tall and quite thin. That’s all I can recall. Sorry.

In German lesson she was complaining about all the students who were ill and attended school anyway, sneezing and coughing everywhere and making everyone sick. I pretended to focus on our task and tried not to listen to her, until she started waving her hand in front of her face. A few seconds later, she sneezed her usual “Heh’Chiew”, looked a little bit perplex and shook her head. “No way. If they got me sick as well, I will...” She cast a look at a few sick students nearby. Luckily, the teacher returned then and saved from more awkward fetishy conversations.
The next day I arrived just in time at our classroom, the teacher was already opening the door. The girl didn’t seem to notice, as she bends in half for two really German sneezes, they sounded exactly like “Hah-tschi
!” and “Aht-CHii!”
In lesson she was sniffling continually and blew her nose once. Not even a minute later, she sneezed a double: “Eh’Tshhee! Ihh’Tshiew!”
Guess she caught that cold after all.

And she was not the only one. A rather quiet girl with curly brown hair who had been sick until Monday sneezed once during lesson. It was a very quiet and really soft “Shiew”, followed by several nose blows. Our teacher, this kind of motherly type, asked her if she was alright and told her not to fall ill again.

Somewhere in between or maybe rather at the end (I’m not good at concentrating both on the lesson and the times when someone sneezes, so it’s probably mixed up a little), my seatmate, had two triples as well. She is the complete opposite of the quiet girl, she sneezes loudly to the side and doesn’t care that everyone can hear/see her. Both triples sounded like “Eschoo! Eh’Shooo! hhh’ESCHOO!”

I think I’ve never had such a sneezy class before. It’s definitely flu season...






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Where did that giant gap come from? I wrote the obs in word and pasted it here. I didn't expect this to happen. Sorry :mellow: 

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