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julius zimmerman pinup pictures?


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does anyone happen to have any of the old Julius Zimmerman pinup pictures of like Jessica Rabbit, Tinkerbell, etc etc etc in various sneezy situations? far as i can tell he was like a pro comic book artist who drew thousands of pinup style nudes of various characters but especially jessica rabbit....and every so often, im not sure if he was one of us or if one of us knew him and asked for favors but maybe 1 out of every thousand of his drawings were sneeze fetish stuff for some reason.  i had them all saved at some point but cant find them and the thread that links to them here is from 07 and the links are all broken. feel free to move this to the adult board if need be in case someone finds them and posts them or whatever i just figured long as we're just discussing them it wasnt a bad idea to try to reach the biggest possible audience in case someone has em in the stash somewhere

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awesome thanks! i knew i had seen them on deviantart somewhere but i forgot where. yeah, i saw he died last year when i was looking him up...his style was so "classic" i always assumed he was from a much earlier era when i first saw his pictures years ago

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