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I haven't posted any obs in a while but recently I saw a couple that were definitely worth sharing, here's one of them.
Last week I was shopping at Lush, a well known soap and cosmetics store. Sorry this is England and I'm not sure if everywhere has Lush. So I was upstairs where all the bath bombs are when I saw a woman aged around 40 with ginger hair, freckles and a lovely curvy figure looking through the items. She was standing about 4ft in front of me on the other side of a table full of products. I didn't initially pay much attention to her until I heard a very sudden inhale of breath. I quickly looked up just a second before the release. Just after she inhaled and I looked up her eyes squinted and her mouth dropped open ready to explode. As she did this she quickly brought up her left hand to cover the sneeze. Her hand was vertical and perfectly flat but stopped few inches in front of her mouth and nose at eye level as the sneeze exploded from her with the sound of a spectacular spray. "Uhh-CHHHHHHHuh". She sneezed, turning slightly to her left, away from a crowd of people during the release. It was an extremely wet 'mega spray' that was fairly dragged out, saturating her hand. She had left a good gap of a few inches between her face and hand that would clearly let some of the spray escape. She had created a barrier with her hand which had a vague purpose of catching most of the contents from the expulsion. I am unsure whether this was intentional or if she just didn't have enough warning to cover properly or get her hand closer. It seemed like the sneeze took her by surprise and that her hand barely even made it there in time.  
After the sneeze, she continued to hold her left hand in the air in it's position for a few seconds as she reached into her right coat pocket and pulled out a crumpled up old tissue. She did not want to move her hand as it was clearly soaked. Still holding her hand in the air, she used the crumpled tissue to wipe it down and dry it. However, as soon as she was done wiping the spray off her hand from the previous sneeze she frantically unraveled the tissue then folded it in half. Her eyes then closed and her mouth dropped gently open into another wonderful pre sneeze expression. This time she had a little more warning. She held the tissue across both palms folded in half horizontally, again, a few inches in front of her mouth and nose while she held the expression on her face for a couple of seconds. It was beautiful. As the sneeze was about to come she took in a deep breath then "Chhoo". She sneezed powerfully, bending forward slightly and pressing her mouth and nose into the tissue for complete coverage this time. This sneeze was more muffled as it was properly covered but it still had plenty of power and a strong deep bass like tone due to its force. She wiped the underside of her nose with the tissue and sniffed before scrunching the tissue into her right hand and turning to her left.

She had only taken a few steps when she realized she had to unfold the tissue again as she could clearly feel another sneeze coming and knew she would need it. Her face dropped as her eyes, mouth and nose all fluttered. She held the tissue across both her palms again but at waist height this time until she needed to bring it up to sneeze into. She held the tissue open while the sneeze built up and continued to walk alongside the table displaying bath soaps. As I could see she was about to sneeze again I began to casually walk in the same direction as her from my side of the table. I tried to time it perfectly so that she would sneeze as we crossed paths. She got to her corner of the table, went round it, then stopped. I then walked around the corner from my side and as we came face to face, about 2 foot apart, she quickly brought the tissue up the cover her mouth and nose, turned to her left away from me, inhaled deeply then sneezed for the third time. "Uh-Chuh". Another powerful, muffled, bassy sneeze right in front of me. We crossed paths then she lowered the tissue. 

She walked to the other side of the room behind me. So I carried on and looped around the large table so I was now facing her direction again. With a sniffly red nose on the edge of another sneeze she went to speak to some people she was with, who were  in the queue waiting to pay. After a brief 5 second talk she turned away from them and began to walk away. She then instantly brought the tissue up to her face, which was again across both palms, and sneezed into it again. "Uh-chhh". I saw this from about 7 ft away. She was side on to me so I got to see a lovely profile view of her as she lunged forward to muffle another sneeze into her tissue. She then pinched her nose inside the tissue with both hands and sniffed while sliding the tissue away as to wipe it. She walked past me and was heading towards the stairs so I turned around and discretely followed her in a non creepy way while pretending to shop and look at things. However all my focus was on this woman who was clearly in the middle of a fit and would no doubt sneeze again any moment. 

She was a few paces in front of me as she began to walk down the stairs. A few steps down she she lifted the tissue to her face and bent forward, muffling yet another sneeze into her tissue "choou". By now her tissue was getting rather wet and torn up. With each sneeze she was clearly struggling to unfold the tissue into any type of flat usable shape to sneeze into. She continued down the stairs but about halfway down stopped to sneeze again. "A-CHUH". Yet another powerful muffled sneeze into the two cupped hands which were covered by the wet torn up tissue, now vaguely opened up enough to cover the surface of her palms. I had caught up with her at this point and actually had no choice other than to stop behind her and wait for her to finish her sneeze before continuing as there was people walking up the stairs on the other side.

When she got to the bottom she walked to the edge of the room and carefully unfolded her soaked tissue to blow her nose into. She really must have needed to blow her nose if she was willing to do it into this ruined tissue. As I casually pretended to look at stuff on a nearby shelf she blew a lovely wet blow into her tissue before wiping her nose with it and scrunching the tissue up into her hand. She walked around for a little while longer while holding the tissue but there were no more sneezes. Right from the beginning it was clear that she had a cold. She had probably been sneezing earlier so held on to this snotty crumpled tissue for any more sneezes that she may need to catch. Judging by the way that she sneezed into the tissue every time without fail and making sure her mouth and nose were totally buried in it I could tell she was one of these people who always sneezes into a tissue and doesn't like to spread germs. This is why I especially liked her first sneeze. It caught her completely off guard and she didn't have time to find her tissue or cover properly. Unfortunately for her, and everyone else, it also happened to be the most powerful and wettest of all her sneezes. I don't think she had ever intended to let out one of her sneezes without the aid of a tissue. I feel like no one was ever supposed to see her sneeze into a bare hand or the air like that.

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Lucky obs. I imagine a store of that description to fill with a mash up of strong, conflicting scents. I wouldn't blame anyone for sneezing that much.

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2 hours ago, JohnSprinter said:

I feel like no one was ever supposed to see her sneeze into a bare hand or the air like that.

Yet you got that sneak peek! What a great way to conclude a great obs, thanks so much for sharing!

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Lush is my absolute favorite both becuase I love the product and becuase the strong scent and bath bomb powder inevitability result in someone sneezing.

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Wow, amazing obs!!! 

We also have Lush all over the US, and all the strong scents DEFINITELY make a lot of people sneeze. 

Once, I went in there with my mom and she started sneezing so much that she left the store and waiting for me outside. :mellow:

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