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Spelling dog/puppy sneezes?


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Ok, so I’m writing a Parappa the Rapper fanfic, and my friend is helping me write it and give me ideas. She says that she thinks Parappa sneezes like a puppy, and I have no idea how to spell sneezes like that. Can anyone help me with this Keep in mind that I don’t want sneeze spellings like from an actual dog.

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Generally, tiny sneezes are almost all consonant, especially if the sneezer is being a little shy. Lots of T's, H's, CH's, and SH's. There aren't very many doubled letters, they're usually written in all lowercase, and the buildup (if there is one) consists mostly of H's. Also, it's usually best to go for several small (about 5 letters) sneezes instead of long, drawn out ones. For example, you'd want to stay away from spellings like "HHHAAAAAAAAAEEEEEIIIIIIISHOOOOO!" and opt for more like "htch! hhh... heh-itshew!" I hope this gives you some ideas. This sounds like it's going to be a really cute story!

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