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My own experimental sneeze


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Hey SF fam!

First obs! 

Physical description: female, twenties, 5 feet 8 inches, soft and dewy brown skin, brown hair with pink streaks, brown eyes so dark you could mistake them for black, and bigger than average nose thats still smaller than my full lips. 

       I’m in my room and a few minutes ago I felt a sneeze coming on. I sneezed earlier in the day and remembered that I breathed in deeper than usual and that it was louder than usual.   I decided to not breathe in at all before I sneezed this time just to see the difference.  

First time I sneezed, it was one syllable and hollow-ed out.   Kkkcchh 

Second time I sneezed, IT HURT my chest. It was a lengthy, pushed out, (short vowel E) (dying animal keening) vocal sound. 

How would that be spelled? 

Thanks for reading and remember: breathe deeply! 

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19 hours ago, Chiller, a sneezy skeleton said:

XD i dont know how that would sound

Hahahahaha glad I’m not the only one Chiller! I don’t even want to do it again to figure it out. 

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