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Many Loud Sneezes At Work


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I’ve really been feeling these high pollen counts, and I’m clearly not the only one. Today in my store I heard a loud, masculine double from somewhere, but couldn’t see the sneezer. It sounded a little nasally and wet, but not too much. I’m not sure how to spell it. Anyway, my ears perked up but I continued about my work. Maybe five minutes later, I heard another double clearly from the same person. Every so often this would happen, and as I left for my break I finally saw the sneezer near check out - a man in maybe his late thirties or early forties, short black hair, light brown skin, tall and muscular. He was sneezing into his hands, but it clearly did nothing to muffle the sound, and they must have been wet because I saw him wipe his hands on his shorts after. He gave a big sniff after. I’d guess I heard him sneeze about twelve times, all in doubles.

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Oh pollen season.  I have to wait until all our snow goes away for that ... and thankfully I don't get affected.

Thanks for sharing that! 

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