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So just to sum things up, the other day the entire SFF gallery on Scratch (Sorry if some of the games were yours) got removed because fetishy stuff is a huge infringement on Scratch's community guidelines, though I do pretty much blame myself because my games drew the most attention to the fetish aspect, and I'll admit I kinda wanted to see how far I could push the boundary on such a family friendly site (I have problems with censorship), I'm not complaining about this nor do I think it's unjust nor should anyone be pissed at the scratch devs for doing their job.
Most of my games were lost because I didn't have them backed up, but the surviving ones have been uploaded to my deviantart in flash format, which is apparently possible. In fact I really should have been doing this in the first place.
You can check them out here.

And to anyone who still has the original files of their own games, you can convert to SWF format with this, and I'm sorry I got them taken down.

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Sorry to hear about Scratch taking down the games, though it sounds like it wasn't very surprising. Scratch is nice because of how easy it is to make stuff (or so I've heard; I haven't made anything on the platform), but as with any community there's always the chance of this happening. Thanks for linking to the backups

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