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Flu attempts


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I have not been sick in about 6 years approximately, and I really want to get sick. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work, guess my immune system is way too good, WAY too good. If you guys have any ideas or want to help me I'm up to any suggestions and will post how it goes.

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I usually have a tough immune system, but I got influenza this year and it sucked LOL. None of the "fun" symptoms and all the worst of them. High fever, vomiting, aches, too tired to move, and I missed an entire week of work. Plus it's a really serious pair of strains this year, with a lot of people getting dangerously sick and hospitalized. I wouldn't recommend trying to catch the flu for your own safety and the safety of those around you. I don't know if you meant you literally wanted to catch the actual flu, or just get sick generally, but I wanted to say that just in case :lol: (Sorry if I came off as preachy LOL).

However, there are a lot of threads around here on the boards about people trying to catch mild colds. You could probably easily find some in Obs or General Discussion if you looked around. They've documented their journeys and posted about what worked for them when trying to get infected. Plus I'm sure others will comment here with suggestions. Just be careful and take care not to infect other people if you do get sick!

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