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Sneeze and a joke


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A while back I visited a couple for a few days. I have always liked this couple, especially for their humour and the man's very expressive body- and facial language. They are just a lot of fun to be around. 

As I arrived and gave the woman, E, a hug the man , J, took a step back and held up both his hands saying he wouldn't give me a hug this time because he had a bad cold and didn't want to get me sick. E immediately gave me a box of antiviral pills she had gotten from the pharmacy and told me to take them as instructed to protect myself from the cold.

I stayed with them for four days, during which J kept sniffling and coughing. I offered him tissues on several occasions, which he never accepted, and lozenges for his throat and cough, which he was happy to accept and even asked me for on one occasion. 

On day three of my visit we were driving back to their home, J driving, E in the passenger seat and me in the back of the car. Suddenly J sneezed, a drawn out and soft hih-issshhhhuhhe. The only sneeze I heard from him the whole time I was there. But the little exchange between J and E that followed was what made it memorable. In very serious voices (until a little laugh from E afterwards):

E: Oh my god, you're so sick!

J: I know, I might as well just check myself into the ER immediately...

E: You really should... 

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