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The Most Romantic Cold Between Non-Fetishists


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        Friday morning, California, Candy is in the office of her agent. Candy is a 21 years old, tall, thin but curvy and busty, long haired, blonde, blue eyed, straight nosed woman with an alto voice. She is an actress/singer/dancer/model/waitress. Her agent, Brandi, says "Don't scream, but its between you and 9 older girls for the lead." Is it really a realistic thing to tell a young woman not to scream when she can become the lead in a blockbuster movie ? Candy scream for a out 2 seconds. She hugs her agent. They jump hug up and down. 

         She returns to her apartment to tell her friend and roommate Elizabeth, AKA Lizzie. Lizzie is a 21 years old, tall, thin but curvy and busty, long haired, brunette, button nosed woman with a soprano voice. After Candy breaks the news, Lizzie breaks the less big but stlll major new that Lizzie has a chance of being one of the main characters in that movie. The two girls are so excited, nothing can stop them now. 

          Midday, Candy goes to her part time job as a waitress. Her income from her dream job is inconsistent so she does this jobs to give her a steady income. One of the other waitress's sneezes an aaaaaaaccchhhhhoooeeewwww. That scares Candy like if she heard a gun shot. She has a chance to get the lead in a major movie, a musicial, she needs her acting, singing, and dancing skills to be 100 %. The girl who sneezes is Maria, a chubby, short blonde haired, buttoned nosed 30 year old. Her nose is red. Candy hears another sneezes, an eeecccchhhhiiii, from a different direction. An older female customer is at a table, and she has not ordered. That lady is currently the only customer without food. Maria goes to the kitchen, no other waitress in site. Candy calmly goes to the customer. 

        Candy says "Hello beautiful lady. May I take your order ?" The lady goes eeecccchhhhiiiiiii eeeeccccchhhhhoooo eeeeeccccchhhhhhhooooowwwwww. Candy holds her breath. The lady says "Well (*10 coughs*) I (*3 coughs*) would like that (*7 coughs*) fancy fish thing. That (*3 coughs*) weird purplish fish. You know what I mean ?" The breath holding Candy nods yes, wanting this germ spreading lady to hurry up. The lady says "And that uh, the, uh, aaawwww  aaaaawww aaawwwwwww  aaaaaaaacccccchhhhhhooooowwwww (*sniffle*) (*15 coughs*) oh God my nose, aaaaaaacccchhhhoowwwwww, (*sniffle*) (*13 coughs*) aaaccchhhhooowwww (*17 coughs*) my throat." Candy is an excellent swimmer, she have been known to be able to hold her breath for 4 minutes, but this lady is taking too long she she stops holding. The lady coughs and Candy is thinking jn her head (If you're so sick, why are you at a resturant ?) The lady then says "I (*3 coughs*) should go home. Sorry, aaacccccchhhhhhoowwww eeeeccchhhiiii aaaaaacccchhhhhoooowww, (*sniffle*) for wasting yoyr time young lady." The lady takes her bag and go. 

        Candy rushes to the bathroom and washes her hands. Candy is thinking (I can't believe that happened. I can't get sick. I just can't.) Candy suddenly hears coughing from one of the stalls, Candy rushes out of the bathroom. She goes the kitchen. Maria says "Candy." Candy doesn't want to talk to Maria but Candy doesn't want to be rude. Maria says to Candy "You (*3 coughs*) are so beautiful and aaacccchhhhhoowwww thin, how do (*2 coughs *) you do it ?" Candy says "Just working out and heallthy eating." Maria coughs about 5 times before saying "Rats (*sniffle*) I do that too but (*3 coughs*) don't get results." Candy says "Well you gorgeous as you are." Maria says "Thank you." Maria hugs Candy. Now, Candy is no snob. If this was any other week, she wouldn't mind but this is no originally week. After the hugs, the girls' faces are so close, Candy can tell Maria brushed her teeth recently. 

          Candy rushes back to the main area. Candy looks calm but she is panicking in her head. The audition is the Saturday after next Saturday. Candy in her head (NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO !!!! Calm down ! You're fine ! You are fine ! You will NOT get sick ! Use your mind to kill the cold viruses !) 

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PART 2: 

        In the evening, after work, Candy washes her hands as soon as she reaches home. She then takes a shower. After the shower and getting dress, she eats an orange with several multivitamins and cod liver oil and drinks water. Lizzie comes home, Candy immediately tells her "Wash your hands and take a shower." Lizzie smells her own armpit and says "I just smell a little sweaty." Candy says "No it's not that. We can't get a cold or worst the flu." Lizzie says "Gotta.". Lizzie does it.

            In the night, Candy and Lizzie are on the couch watching a romantic movie. They cuddle up together. Candy gets a warm feeling. She had never had a boyfriend for some reason. This feeling she is having, a boy never caused her to feel this way. Candy kisses Lizzie, and Lizzie pulls back out of utter shock. Then Lizzie kisses Candy. 

         Saturday, Candy goes to her other job, being a dance teacher, teaching women at an all-women gym. Candy has a big smile on her face because of Lizzie. Candy is in a good mood. She doesn't expert any sickies near her. Who would come to a dance class with a cold ? 

       By time the 3rd class rolls around, a sweaty Candy sees that one of the women for this class has a red tint around her nose. Candy starts to teach the class, and at 1 minute in this woman stops and she sneezes aaaaccchhhhhoooowwww aaaaccchhhhooooowwww aaaccvchhhhoooowwww. Candy feels uncomfortable but she just keeps dancing. 5 minutes in, that lady has to take a seat and just watch the class. After the class, Candy is talking to some of the students and that lady comes up to her. The lady says "Sorry (*sniffle*) if I interrupted (*sniffle*) the class. I just (*cough*) cold out of no where." Candy smiles and says "You should rest when you have a cold." Fortunetely for Candy, that was the only sick student. 

         That evening, Candy comes home completely exhausted. After all that sweating, she wants to take a shower. Lizzie is at home in the living and she says "Hey Candy." Candy says "Hey aaawwww aaaawwwww aaaawwww aaaaaaacccchhhhheèeoooowwww." Lizzie jumps out off the couch. Candy then goes "Eeeeccchhhhiiiii eeeeecccchhhiiiiiii eeeeeccchhhhhiiiii." Lizzie asks "Are you sick ?" Candy says "No (*sniffle*) I can't beeeeeeeaaaacccchhhhhoooowwww." Lizzie asks "How is your throat ?" Candy says "Scratchy and tickly." Lizzie asks "How do you feel ?" Candy coughs and says "Fine (*sniffle*) never (*3 coughs*) better." Candy then does a poweful aaaaccchhhhooooowwwww. Candy says "It's no (*sniffle*) use pretending, I'm sick. You (*sniffle*) should (*cough*) stay someone else to not get this." Lizzie gets and she walks up to Candy. Lizzie says to a coughing Candy "You are my friend. I will take care of you." Candy says "No, (*cough*) I can't ruin your dream." Lizzie kisses Candy. After the kiss, Lizzie says "You're my dream." Lizzie walks a coughing Candy to the couch. Candy lay there and Lizzie gets water and colds medicine for her. 

      Later in the night, Candy have gotten sicker. She is in her bed, haven't showered yet, still in her dance clothes. Coughing up a storm, she wonders about her voice. Laying there, she tries to hit a high note but she can't, her range have been reduced. Lizzie comes in her bedroom with a glass of orange juice. Lizzie places it on the nighttable and get in bed with her. Candy asks "What (*7 coughs*) (*sniffle*) are you (*sniffle*) you doing ?" Lizzie says "You're sick, you need someone to hug you." Lizzie hugs Candy. 

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PART 3: 

        Sunday, Candy wakes up soaked in sweat, but she doesn't have a fever. She says with a lost voice "Why (*sniffle*) am I so hot ? My voice !" Lizzie walks in the room, soaked in sweat herself, with a stray of food. Lizzie says "I turned up the heater to the max, and put a warming blacket over you. I heard heat helps with a cold, don't know if that's true but we're trying everything." Candy says "Thank (*4 cough*) you aaaaaacccchhhhoooowwwww (*sniffle*) (*5 coughs*)" Lizzie says "Rest your voice, you have an audition Saturday. Eat, read the script, memorized the lines without saying them." Lizzie gives Candy the tray of food. It's an orange, a fish, 3 pegs of raw garlic, a multivitamin, a cod liver oil, and cold medicine. Candy eats it up while sneezing, coughing, and sniffling while Lizzie sets up a humidifier. 

        Lizzie goes to the kitchen while Candy is reading. Lizzie clears her throat as it feels scratchy and tickly. Lizzie says to herself "Oh dear." Lizzie has no regrets in deciding to take care of Candy and kissing her germy mouth. 

       Lizzie returns to Candy's bedroom to hear a coughing Candy. Lizzie says "Honey, you desperately desperately desperstely need a shower. Have a steamy hot shower." Candy waits until her coughing fit is finnished to get up. When she does, Lizzie's nostrils twitch, she closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and goes aaaaaaaaccccccchhhhhhhhheeeoooows. Candy says "Oh (*sniffle*) no." Lizzie says "We will be fine by Saturday." Candy hugs Lizzie, and then gives her a massive kiss before going to take a shower. 

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PART 4: The Final Chapter:

       Aaaaacccchhhhhooowwww eeeeccchhhhoooowww eeeccchhhhhiiii goes Lizzie. She sniffles and then goes eeecccchhhhhiiii then another sniffle. A showered but back to sweaty Candy says with her lost voice "I'm so (*cough*) sorry." 

       Over the course of the Sunday, Lizzie gets sicker and sicker and sicker. By time it becomes night, she lost her voice. 

       Monday still sick, Tuesday still sick, Wendesday still sick, Thursday still sick, Friday still sick and panicking. On Friday morning, Candy and Lizzie still have lost voices. Candy's agent Brandi, and Lizzie's agent Lisa comes over. Brandi is a 32 years old, thin, pale skinned, red curly haired, straight nosed lady. Lisa is a 28 years old, thin, tanned, brunette straight haired, straight nosed lady. They enter the apartment hearing heavy coughing. Brandi asks "How is your voice ?" Candy says "Laaaaaaa" with her lost voice. Lizzie says "Laaaaaaa" with hrr lost voice in case Lisa asks her the question. The two agent stand there in deep fustration. Healthy eating, supplements, cold medicine, humidifier, a sauna, yoga, the works. 

         Saturday, still sick but the worst is over. Candy and Lizzie walks in coughing. The auditions for the part Lizzie is up for is now. Candy and Lizzie waits and everyone in the waiting room knows they are sick. Lizzie's turn, she kisses Candy and goes in. Lizzie goes aaaacccchhhhhhhoooowwww. The director and 2 producers gives her strange looks. Lizzie reads the lines "Oh my (*cough*). I (*sniffle*) think she is in love. Cause ...." Lizzie sings "I think she is in love, she looks as beautiful as a dove, ...." Lizzie continues singing, on-key, but her range is limited. She does some dance steps while singing. By time the song is finnishes, her voice is hoarse and she is coughing. 

        Later, Candy walks in blowing her nose in a tissue. The director whispers something to a producer, which makes Candy nervous. Candy reads her lines "Oh sir, I believe you are flirting with me. The the the aaaccccchhhoowwwww, aaaaccchhhhoooowwwww, the way you look at me, I have (*sniffle*) never seen such a look." Candy sings her song and dances at the same time. The first minute is done prefectly but her voice gets hoarse and her dance steps her stumbly. At the end, Candy runs out and she goes into the bathroom. She is crying, and the flowers in the bathroom causes her to eeeeccchhhhhiiii eeeccchhhiii eeeeccchhhiiii eeeccchhhhiiii. She runs out of the bathroom, and Lizzie hugs her. Candy is convinced she blow it. 

           Sunday still sick, Monday still sick. Monday morning, Candy and Lizzie are almost better, they are on the couch sitting down wasting TV. A knock on the door, Candy opens it to see a red nosed Brandi and a red nosed Lisa. Lizzie stands up. Brandi goes iiiiiccchhhhiiiiii and sniffle and Lisa coughs. Candy and Lizzie are waiting for one of them to say something. Brandi then shouts "You both got it !" Candy and Lizzie hoarse back their voices by screaming. Candy and Lizzie hugs each other, and then Candy accidently goes aaaaaaccccchhhhhhooooowwwww in Lizzie's face. 

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12 hours ago, M214186 said:

Again such lovely contagion 

Thank you for ALL your support. 

You make it easier for me to write. 

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