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Awkward Doctor's Appointment: For The Doctor


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            Dr. Melissa Porter is a dermatologist with a private practice in Los Angeles, California. As a medical doctor, her interest in sneezing rarely got in the way. What does colds, the flu, nasal allergies, or sinusitis have to do with skin ? Plus right now, it's summer in California. Dr. Porter is a 42 year old, thin, long haired brunette with wrinkles, age spots, and a straight nose. 

          Her next patient walks in. 35 years old, thin, long haired blonde, with a straight nose, and a face full of acne. The patient says "Good morning Dr. Porter, I'm Tiffaney Smithhhhh aaacccchhhhiiii." Dr. Porter stares at this patient. Dr. Porter says "Nice to meet you Tiffaney." Tiffaney sniffles and says "Excuse, I think I am getting a cold." Dr. Porter feels super uncomfortable. Dr. Porter tries to change the topic fast by asking "How may I be of service ?" Tiffaney says "Well, (*sniffle*) I have had acne since I (*sniffle*) was 12 but now it's at it's worst." Dr. Porter says "Sit on the table, let me take a look." 

        While Dr. Porter is looking at her skin, she keeps getting distracted by Tiffaney's sniffling nose. Dr. Porter says "I see severe acne, you have large pores which appears very active. Your skin is very oily. You may be a candidate for accutane. We would have to do tests before that." Tiffaney has to turn her head and eeecccchhhiiii in a single hand. Tiffaney sniffles and says "Excuse me." The moment feels awkward Dr. Porter's face is close to Tiffaney's face. Tiffaney at this point can see that this doctor is very attracted to her. Tiffaney kisses the doctor, and Dr. Porter kisses back. Tiffaney had to stop the kissing to sneeze an eeeeeccchhhhhiii. 

      Dr. Porter doesn't know what to say or do. This is highly inappropriate. Dr. Porter tries to continue to appointment like nothing happened. At the end of the appointment, Tiffaney wipes her nose with the back of her hand and says "Thank you Dr. Porter. I apprrrrrrrr   aaaaccchhheeeewww  eeeecchhhiiii eeeccchhhhooowww." Dr. Porter says "You're welcome." 

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