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I’m watching The Voice right now (3/19/18) and it’s the premiere of the battle rounds. Blake Shelton sneezes a really nice sneeze into his hands right before the JessLee and Kyla Jade performance. All the judges and the audience bless him then Kelly Clarkson Jokes with him “Damn straight, this is a polite audience! You just got blessed by everyone, you don’t deserve that!”. Super cute!

I couldn’t find a clip but I recorded it from my tv so I apologize for the weird quality, but it’s just so you guys can get a little glimpse! 



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I just finished watching that haha. I'm watching it on Hulu cause I don't have cable it was so adorable.

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Oh wow!! I love Blake Shelton and that was such an adorable sneeze!!! Thank you so much for sharing! 💜

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Did anyone notice how congested he sounds in the Knockouts? I think the rounds before the Lives all filmed within the same week or two, so I can't help but think that Blake was just coming down with a cold in that clip of him sneezing, and he's on the tail end of it during the Knockouts. Why do I find this so cute? :lol:

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