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Hi there... I'm a bit of a turtle at the moment, considering I've finally mustered up the courage to uh... y'know, make an account for this instead of just staring at the stories all day... without an account.

    ...Not much change there, but still!

Anyways, hi there children, I'm Lola, I have a channel on youtube and crap, but I wanna pursue... my love of sneezing- and writing obviously. 

  So yeah, I'll stop rambling now!~  ^~^


(No idea how to spell sneezes, and I obviously haven't learned from reading about it 24/7, but bear with me!)


Amusing Secrets


Alex had felt a burst of confidence in the time from when his ex-boyfriend had called him. Of course, he should have been mad, but sometimes forgiving and forgetting is enough- especially because of what he knew exactly what he was going to see.


Because the man he was sure he still loved- was sick.


He had known from the instant he spoke- though it had been years, he knew that his voice was hoarse. 


And then a small sniff at the end, so quiet he almost didn't hear it. 


"* snff*, Anyways, I'll let you sleep, g'night, Alex."


And he hung up, warm as always, even in his sick state. His thoughts raced alongside his heart as he set his phone down, finding himself smiling. His... friend would be at his house tomorrow, staying with him until he found an apartment.


And he was ready for the fun he would cause.

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Hi there Lola! Uuuuuuuuh i cant wait for more!! I can just see his evil smirk and tail XD He's gonna have a ton of fun im sure,  we audience can have the front row seat XD

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Hey Lola, glad you're evolving to be a social turtle:). You've definately caught my interest. Can't wait to read more!

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Aww, thank you all!


I really didn't think my story would attract any attention, but I was pleasantly surprised!


I feel like an amazing social turtle right now! :D




Alex stood in the airport, checking his phone for the hundredth time that day since he had woken up.




Anxious, he resorted to pacing around the small waiting room, stealing glances at the door that his ex would come through, seeing nothing each time.


But just as his thoughts started turning angry, a plane positioned itself outside, and in the blink of an eye, people were piling out with their phones, probably calling their families about the mega delay.


Then he came stumbling out of the door, clearly very jet-lagged and confused at the time difference.


Alex found himself smiling, his eyes widening as he immediately frowned, shaking himself out of it as he called his name.




* * *


Sorry this chapter was short, I'm bracing myself for the sneezing and how I'm gonna do it! 


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This is so great!!!! I can't wait to see how they're going to handle this reunion of sorts

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Alex watched as Liam immediately stiffened, composing himself and subtly swiping a wrist under his nose before turning to him and plastering a smile on his face, Alex shivering at the sound of his low silky voice.


"Alex, sorry I didn't notice you before!" 


He swallowed as Liam gave a liquid sniff, stuffing his hands into his pockets and forcing himself to remember their breakup, taking a breath before responding. "It's fine, y'ready to get your luggage?"


"Of course, though you probably should lead the w-whaay.. I don't remember much of this airport."


Alex's ears immediately picked up the slight hitch, and smirked to himself as he nodded, muttering a "follow me." Before turning and heading back the way he came, and in a daze the suitcases were piled into his car- along with the sick man himself.



They were halfway during the silent drive when Liam sneezed the first time.


Alex would never admit it- but he loved sneezes, and though Liam rarely sneezed his wet, desperate sneeze- Alex always found himself begging for more.


"hihh- hh! N'KGShhh!"


And as he bit his lip at Liam's failed attempt of a stifle, he knew that all the begging in his mind had finally done him some good.


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  • 11 months later...



Liam was the kind of guy that never needed anything. He was always worried about other people, and never about himself. It was a quality that you wouldn’t notice until you actually met him, and oh did Alex know he had it. 


In fact, it was probably what got him sick in the first place.


As Alex drove, he couldn’t stop his eyes from darting between him and the road.. multiple times. He barely refrained from drooling as he watched Liam mess with his nose, letting out a breath along with him- except, as Alex realized... it wasn’t a breath, but a hitch.

Alex swallowed, preparing himself mentally. You have to remember how he was... how you are- we’re finished! Done! Zip, zero, nada!

”huh.. hh- sorry..gottasneeze!- hHGHstchuu!”

And yet.. with that, he couldnt. Couldn’t convince himself that it was over. Atleast in his mind.

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You have nothing to worry about; your spelling of sneezes is more than good! I'm interested in the story if you have decided to continue it 😊

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Heh, thanks! I realized I still had it- and that it’s been over a year since I touched it- but hey, ya only live once! 

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“I... I’ve found someone else.” Liams voice rang in Alex’s ears.

”W-What?” He stumbled over his words, rambling on and on until he got stopped by Liam. 

“I got with her a month ago.”

And that’s when it hit Alex. “You- you motherfucker! You cheated on me!”

“I’m sorry. I’m leaving.”



Alex sighed as he pulled up to his house, having second thoughts about even letting Liam stay in the first place- until he heard another sneeze beside him. “Hrrzusghoo!“

Alex shivered as he opened the door of the car, stepping out. Truthfully, he had nothing to worry about. He had never told Liam about his kink, and now he never would.

Liam looked over to the house, whistling. “You moved to a very nice house!”

Alex chuckled, shutting the car door and pulling out his keys, opening the door to the house and stepping in, opening it fully for the tall man behind him, setting his stuff down on the table in the entryway. Mi casa es su casa or whatever..”

Liam chuckled, sniffing. “I know.”

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