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boyfriend's HUGE sneezes while drinking


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I've written about my boyfriend, T, here before a few times--mostly about his intense springtime allergies (here, here, here, here, here, here, here). As a general description (similar to what i've included in past obs): T has brown hair and brown eyes, is about 6 feet tall and has really broad shoulders. His nose is normal sized, fits well on his face, and looks narrow from the side (profile view) because he has narrow nostrils, but wider and a little pointed from the front. T never stifles, and has pretty loud, throaty sneezes that are also almost full-body and leave him very sniffly--a good amount of the time he sneezes in multiples. He often does a half-cover with his forearm, or grabs a tissue to sneeze into if he has the opportunity (which I LOVE). He knows about my fetish and we talk about sneezing a lot together.

So T is actually not a very sneezy person--except in three instances. First, when he has spring allergies. Second, when he has a head cold. Third (and this is weird but he also has noticed), when he drinks wine or beer and then is in a cold room or walks outside into cold weather. This ob is about a recent third instance incident :)

A few nights ago, T and I got back from dinner and he decided to drink some wine. He had already had two beers or so when we were out, but he certainly wasn't drunk. We were sitting at his kitchen table (I was studying and he was drinking wine and playing on his phone). After about an hour (and 2-3 glasses of wine), I hear him breathe in sharply. I look up, thinking he is about to yawn, and actually catch him letting out an enormous sneeze: EHHHSCHEWW! I open my mouth to bless him, but before I can he starts hitching, mouth open and eyes squinting.. Huh...HUH..HEHH.. before letting out another EHSCHEWWW! this is followed by a third even larger sneeze EHHHHSCHEWWWWW! which actually bends him over while sitting in his chair. At this point I bless him, and he gets up to walk over to the paper towel in the kitchen. I know he's going to sneeze again, because if he's going to blow his nose when he's in the middle of a fit he's trying to stop himself from sneezing. Once he grabs a piece of paper towel, he turns around back towards me/the table and I see/hear him hitching again. heh..HUH ... HUHshOOO! he muffled this sneeze into the paper towel, though it was still very strong. T then blew his nose into the paper towel (he always blows holding with both hands, folds the tissue, blows again, then folds the tissue and wipes each nostril and sniffling.. very hot). Often blowing his nose will stop his sneezing fits (some of my past obs I've written about that), but this time it didn't do the trick. As soon as he went to throw the paper towel in the trash, I saw him begin to stretch his nose out by moving it around (he does this a lot and it's SO hot). Then HUH...huh..HUHHH he starts to hitch again, but it's a false start. This happens again huhh...HUHHH (false start), then finally about 30 seconds later Huh..HUHH EHHSCHEWW! HuHHH ESCHEWW! T starts walking back towards the table and starts hitching again hehhh HUHH HUHH huhh... HUHHHH.... HEHESCHEWW!

After the seventh sneeze, he walks over to the window behind me to look at something outside. I look up at him, and his eyes are glassy to the point that it looks like he's been crying, and the area around both his eyes and nose is bright red. It looks like he's been walking through a field of pollen (he has bad pollen allergies!). I get up from my chair and ask if he's okay, giving him a hug around the waist, and he says yes. He sniffled a little bit afterwards, but that was all the sneezes from that fit.

It definitely got me excited for allergy season... :)

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That sounds lovely! I know how amazing it is to see those first signs of a seasonal allergy starting up again, since my boyfriend also has one, and I'm thrilled you get to enjoy it too! ^_^

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Oh my gosh, he sounds PRECIOUS!! What an interesting quirk, sneezing after he's had some drinks :laugh: Loved your descriptions here, and it's really sweet that you know all of his mannerisms and usual habits when it comes to sneezing. You two sound like such a cute couple! :heart:

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