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Wanting to write... need some inspiration

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Ooooh prompts!!! Can I give you dialogue ones? If so - 

1. Since when do you have allergies? 

Ha - and now I’m at a loss for more. Welll, here’s some other thoughts:

loving the idea of a suit noticing his secretary/assistant coming down with something And doing something nice for them. Like doing the copying or bringing them a coffee or sending them home with a small care package (saw something super similar as a scenario idea on tumblr - immediately fell in love with it).

Oh, or the idea of a regular at a cafe coming down with something and the barista noticing and subtle giving extra drinks/napkins

And - inspired by recent events - sneezing due to dust allergy at rock climbing gym. Who knew all those strong, fit, beautiful people would be so affected by the chalk?!

I always love your writing. Can’t wait to read literally anything you come up with.

Stay healthy and I hope things will go back to normal for you soon.




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I’m so bad at giving prompts. It’s like I only know what I want as I write it. Ok let me think. 

I love plane stories. So much good stuff there. 

Bed and breakfast where the host is supposed to be hands on. Clean the room and cook meals and drive the guest where they need to go. So either the guest is sick and the host is around them doing those activities or the host is sick and orders take out for the cooking aspect but still tries to clean and drive. 

Okay, I’ll let you know if I think of more. In the meantime, I nominate @Wilde @Feo @Bondi@aggedy_ann and @Selene to come up with the next prompt to help starpollen not to go stir-crazy while on lockdown. 


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Oh, you’ll need a lot of patience now. And you don't know for how long this will last 😢

I really enjoy your writing so I will gladly try to come up with a prompt or two 😊

Character being sick (with a cold) at a job interview.

I never get tired of «sick on a date», especially at a restaurant.

A musician getting a cough and cold before a concert. Raspy, hoarse voice. Needing to cough while singing. Comments from friends and fans. This is one og my favourites. That someone relies on his voice and all eyes are on him. 

Good luck with your situation!

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How about a superhero who has allergies as her weakness?

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