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So I got kicked out of my DnD group but I'm still in the mood for some elves and junk, so I wrote a short indulgent lil thing. Also dang sorry for being inactive for nine million years





Adran trudged silently through the woods, braids snagging on low hanging branches. He carefully untangled his hair, the long, sleek silver strands now tangled with pine needles. A hawk soared overhead, awaiting the call to join a battle that didn’t yet exist. He had to complete this quest--his reputation as a ranger would be greatly improved if he could slay the beast no one else had. Whatever was ravaging these foreign woods would be his path to fame.

A branch snapped many meters away, and with all the speed and grace one would expect from an elf, Adran was up a tree, a sharp whistle calling the bird down. He whispered to her in Elvish, readying her for when the quarry showed itself. Whatever had snapped the branch was heavy--much too heavy to be a simple animal.

He drew his bow, and carefully set an arrow against the string, pulling it back and letting his eyes rove over the forest that surrounded him. They were near a clearing, full of lush vegetation he had never seen before. Flowers, with petals of vibrant colours, and trees full of plump berries studded the landscape. Birdsong filled the sweetly scented air, and he allowed his eyes to flicker down to his skin.

A fine powder had coated his bluish skin, dotting it like yellow freckles. He took note, but brushed the thought aside. He didn’t have time to lower his bow, or lose the chance to take something down. From the brush, a beast emerged.

An owlbear.

Adran aimed, taking a steady breath as he watched the way it moved. Arrow nocked, bow drawn to his anchor point, he watched, and waited, and prepared. An itch, unimportant until then, came to the front of his thoughts. The air was warm--he had no reason to need to sneeze, but he tried to shrug it off. It wasn’t something he could allow to ruin his focus.

“Hhh..” His breath caught in his throat, and it took a second to recover himself. He just had to focus. He couldn’t lose this quarry.

The beast had settled into the perfect position. Just a second more, and…

Ngxt!” He jerked, his arms dropping and the arrow whizzing over the beast. In a flash, it had disappeared, back into the verdant hideaway it had emerged from.

He groaned and put the weapon away, rubbing his aggravated nose, now tinged pink. His flushed skin was warm to touch, alive with hot prickles of irritation. What was making him sick?

“Ekshiew!” This was getting annoying. He slid down the trunk of the tree, and brushed the yellow dusting from his skin. His pointed nose crinkled of its own accord, and he grimaced, rubbing it again. The instant his yellowed hands touched his reddened nose, he snapped forward with a few sharp sneezes, caught off guard by the suddenness of the fit. “Shiew! Ekshuh! Ehh...eshiew! Shiew!Kshiew!Kshiew!”

The sneezes spilled out on top of one another, hardly allowing him to catch a breath between them. He was thankful no one was around to hear the dainty sounds, but he was embarrassed nonetheless. The grace of elves extended into every aspect of their being, from their slender limbs, to their long hair and delicate features, and even--so it seemed--to their sneezes.

He glared at the yellow dust, realising that this was in fact the culprit. “You!” He pointed at the tree angrily. If only he were a druid...perhaps he could befriend the trees and force them to stop producing pollen like that?

He sighed wistfully, hefting his bag back to his shoulder and stalking back to the town in shame.

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Ooh, cool! I'm not the only one that likes medieval/fantasy stuff. Yay!

This is very well-written.

Are you going to do more with Adran? I hope so!

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Thank you everyone for your feedback!! 💞 I wasn't originally going to do much with him, but if people like him I'm more than happy to do more with him!

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