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Looking for Emma Watson sneeze

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I haven’t ever seen an Emma Watson sneeze but I’m sure there’s one out there. If anyone knows of any that would be great!

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I've been looking for years and haven't found anything except for this.


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Joal 555
1 hour ago, George said:


Maybe one (quiet one) @ 0.22

Pretty sure that was an exclamation of cuteness......but no harm in imagining.



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Any new sneezes yet?

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Could not find anywhere. I looked everywhere, in English as well as in French and I watched lots of videos, interviews without ever seeing him having a semblance of sneezing. There is a lot of fanfiction on the subject, a lot of images, pictures taken where you can imagine that she is going to sneeze, but nothing really sure. :razz:

One of the images that I could find is this one. Nothing indicates a potential sneeze, but as Joal 555 says : no harm in imagining. ^_^


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