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blessed by boyfriend (self-obs)


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For anybody who's seen my posts before, you know I have a mental block. WELL let me tell you, last week (my final week with my bf before I moved away 😪) I had quite the cold! A very sneezy cold... My boyfriend and I had been planning this romantic night in a hotel room, and I had been needing to sneeze all day (though the mental block made that hard). Finally, we were alone together in the hotel room, and the feeling of needing to sneeze wasn't going away... 

I walked away from boyfriend, toward the bathroom in our hotel room, concentrating on getting the sneeze out. I felt it coming, and grabbed a tissue. Finally, it came, and I sneezed right into the tissue, bending over and giving into the sneeze. "Aschieww!" Even though the build up was intense, the sneeze itself was simple, not too strong. 

I turned around, and my boyfriend grinned. "Bless you," he said, very sweetly. My first natural sneeze in front of him!

Later that night, we were lying in bed together in the dark, just talking. I felt like I needed to sneeze again, and I told him that. I rolled away from him, so we were in spooning position, and I grabbed a tissue so I could induce the sneeze and it would stop bothering me. 

"Acheew!" Another light and breezy, but productive sneeze. 

"Bless you, baby," he said. 

What a night 😀

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