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HOT Professor sneezes and I’m the only one there to bless him


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I’m in college and I have NEVER had one of those super hot professors that some people get lucky enough to have...until this semester. 

My first day of this class basically included me not listening to anything this man was saying and doing nothing but GAWKING at him from the moment he walked in the door. I mean, he is so good looking, I don’t know how anyone attracted to men in that room was able to focus. 

He is in his very early 30’s. About 6’3 maybe, with a build like no other. He very obviously works out on a regular basis. He is BUFF. Not “overly” buff, but EXTREMELY fit with a gorgeous body. He is Caucasian with a light tanned skin tone, and he always wears clothing that excentuates his incredible build. He has tight, muscular arms, a wide and muscular chest, small abdomen / waist, and the nicest butt EVER. His muscles are always bulging through his tight shirts, and I just don’t understand how I’m expected to remain focused on the material when he’s up there looking like that. He has bright blue eyes, a bare shaven face, and brown hair that is on the shorter side but still of a decent thickness. Basically, he looks like he’s at his physical peak. His nose is of medium length, with a slight bump in the middle, and it turns up at the end. Obviously my first thought (or one of them) when meeting this man was how much I’d love to see him sneeze. We’ll call him P. 

So class ends today, and right after it ends, I walk to the parking garage and stand there waiting for the elevator. I have my hood on because it was raining outside and I didn’t think to take it off just yet. I was standing in front of the elevator with my hood up, looking at my phone, reading a text. I hear someone walk up behind me, but I don’t pay much attention, nor do I look at them. This person is also waiting for the elevator, and we’re the only two people there. 

I hear a LOUD, POWERFUL, single male sneeze come from behind me. Barely a first syllable, and all the emphasis was in the middle of the sneeze rather than the beginning - “hih-RRRRRRschew!” The sneeze sounded desperate and was LOUD; it echoed throughout the garage. It also sounded like he covered, but I assume with a hand and not a sleeve, because it didn’t sound sleeve-muffled at all. It wasn’t the MOST attractive sneeze I’ve ever heard, because I prefer vocal sneezes, but it was still pretty decent. 

I froze up when I realized no one else was there to bless this person. I have no problem blessing friends/family/people I know, but I struggle with blessing strangers. It’s awkward for me. I will usually only do it if no one else does, if I’m the only person there, and if it comes to a point where it would be considered rude and awkward if nothing was said. I didn’t bless him right away. I contemplated it for a few seconds after he sneezed. He sighed a breath of relief after the sneeze, like it was noticeably powerful for him. After this sigh, I finally mustered up the courage. I ever so slightly turned my head and blessed him, still not looking at him directly, because my hood was big and blocking my peripheral vision. He thanked me, sounding grateful, and the elevator door opened right after. I stepped inside, turned around, pressed the button for my floor, and looked up - it was P. (Obviously, as you might’ve guessed lol) My eyes widened a bit as I reflected on what I just experienced. I did not expect his sneeze to be as loud as it was. I stepped off at the same floor as him and we went our separate ways. Quite an experience, and now I know what his sneeze sounds like! Hopefully if he does it again, I’ll actually look up from my phone and get to see it this time :) 



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I don’t know if I’m more envious of the sneeze or of your having a hot professor :laugh: 

Gorgeous obs and very well written! Thanks for sharing!

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