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A Tiny Crush (M, Illness)


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I guess I don't share obs too often, but I couldn't keep this one to myself. So there's a boy I've taken a bit of a fancy to in one of my classes. From what little I know of him, he's a bit too arrogant for him to really be my type, but he's very nice to admire from afar. Blonde hair, athletic build. I've seen him running around campus shirtless with his friends on occasion, and it's a good sight to behold. Last class, Tuesday, he wasn't there, and yesterday it seemed he wouldn't be there again. But no, he just came slightly late, and I saw him sneaking in the door after the lecture had started, looking uncharacteristically sheepish. He sat down, running his fingers through unkempt hair and burying his face in his hands. After a few moments, he picked his head up and sniffled wetly. He sat close enough that I could see he didn't look well at all: watery eyes, red in the face, pink nose, etc. No doubt he had been gone Tuesday because he'd been that sick, and I felt a bit guilty since I had pegged him as the type to just ditch. Anyhow, the lecture was an hour long, and he must have sneezed every five minutes or so. His sneezes always came in twos, and they were surprisingly soft and shy. He's a loud, boisterous fellow, slapping his friends on the back and laughing after class and whatnot, so I assumed his sneezes would be the same. But no, they were all soft. Not stifled, but subdued and exhausted, all sounding like little ahchoos. If I had been sitting any farther away, I probably wouldn't have heard them. As it was, he always sounded surprised and unsuspecting when he sneezed, and he always sniffled for a good while afterward. After one pair, his friend who was sitting beside him patted him on the shoulder, and that made me melt as well. The poor sneezy fellow rubbed his eyes and his nose but didn't have any tissues. Multiple times he coughed as well, and it was almost as if he were complaining as he coughed. I can't really describe it, but I could hear how much they hurt his throat by the way they came out. Poor soul. He looked so bleary and pitiful. I doubt he caught a word of the lesson. 

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