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The Ultimate Compromise. Sequel to “I don’t get sick” with Samantha and Dylan


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Hey, everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote a story. This one has been in my head for a few days now. It is a Part 2 from my story “I don’t get sick.” I really wanted to continue on with Samantha and Dylan’s characters. So this is them, a couple years later. They have both finished their degrees and just bought a house together. More parts will come in the next few days, Hope you all enjoy it! Also, sorry the narrative is a little long before the cold starts. I love to write so sometimes I get caught up in the plot before I get the sneezy stuff in there. lol 



I typed away on my computer like I had been since around 7am that morning. Finally, I stopped, dropping my head into my hands for a moment. This week had completely drained me. With my promotion to the Chief Sustainability Officer of my company I had a lot more work thrown on my plate. It is my absolute dream job and what I have been working at since I graduated college 4 years ago. Despite that, I had been coming in early and leaving late for the past month just to prove that I could handle the position. I was one of the youngest people promoted, and a lot of doubt came with my promotion. On top of that, Dylan and I had been “fighting” for weeks now. I should have know this was coming. It was absolutely inevitable. Dylan and I were almost a perfect match, we agreed on basically everything and rarely ever fought. If we did, Dylan made sure we did it in a healthy way, without screaming at each other. Instead, he made sure we both talked about how we felt and came to a solution. 


It was so different than what I had been exposed to growing up. But this was not a fight or a disagreement. It was THE TALK. Dylan and I had this conversation at the very start of our relationship 6 years ago. He wanted children and I did not. We had loved each other so much that I think neither one of us waned to bring it up, we just assumed the other would change their mind. But here we were. I was 28 and Dylan was 29. If we were going to have kids we were running out of time and we both knew it. 


“Samantha? What are you still doing here?” 


I glanced up to see my boss standing in the doorway of my office. I hadn’t even heard him come in. “Are you feeling alright?” 


“Yes, yes. I’m fine, just a bit of a headache.” I tried to smile convincingly. 


He nodded. “Go home and enjoy your weekend, Samantha. You are ahead on everything and doing a fantastic job as I knew you would. Don’t wear yourself out too much.” 


I hesitated for a moment, thinking about all the things I would need to get done on Monday and the head start I could get if I stayed just a bit later. But the ache in my head and my heavy eyelids told me differently. 


“Thank you, John.” I said, as I packed up my things. “Any plans for the weekend?” 


“We are actually taking the kids up to the State Park this weekend for a camping trip with some family friends. What about you?” 


“That sounds awesome! And we don’t have any plans, probably just going to relax.” I answered, but really I was dreading going home and having multiple uninterrupted days to hash out this argument. 


“Well you deserve it!” He said with a warm smile. “Get out of here. I will see you on Monday.” 


Before I could answer, my nose had different plans. 


“Hii..hiiitchu hiiitchuu!!” I sneezed twice and caught them in my elbow. I blushed embarrassed, as my boss blessed me. 


“Oh no, don’t tell me that you caught that cold that’s going around.” 


“No, no.” I said, sniffling. “Have a great trip, I’ll see you Monday!” 


He smiled, and closed the door behind him as he left my office. 


“ uhh.. Hitchuu.” I sneezed once again, and groaned as the sneeze hurt my head and throat. Maybe I was coming down with something. I finished packing up my things and locked up the office. I checked my phone for a text from Dylan, but there was still nothing. I walked to my car and hopped inside for the commute home. 


When I finally reached our home, I was becoming more and more convinced I was coming down with something. I couldn’t stop sniffling and sneezing the whole drive home and now my throat was becoming sore. It made sense. The air had dropped in temperature, I had been working late and waking up early, stressed with this new promotion, and ontop of all of that stressed with Dylan. 


I sat outside of our newly bought house for a moment just looking at it. Everything in our life was perfect, so I thought. We were excelling in our careers. we just bought our first home together, and were still so in love with each other. I had always questioned why this had gone so perfectly, when nothing else in my life ever had. Now, I finally had my answer. I either had to chose to indulge Dylan and have children, or he might leave me. If he didn’t, then deep down I knew he would always resent me. 


“Ugh.” I groaned, slamming my palms against the steering wheel. I shut off my car, and gathered my things to head inside. 


While waiting for Dylan to get home, I changed into my favorite pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I poured myself a glass of wine and curled up on the couch under a blanket. 


“Hitchuuu… hitchuuu…hitchuuu!!” I sneezed three times catching them in my hands. They left me sniffling and I got up to grab tissues. I had to admit, I was feeling miserable. My body ached, my head hurt, my throat hurt, my head felt like it was full of cement, and by the way I was shivering I probably had a fever. Instead of dreading Dylan getting home, I was counting down the minutes. I wanted to put aside this fight until the morning ,and just curl up in his arms. 


A couple minutes later my phone dinged with a text. 


Dylan: Going to grab drinks with Jace. Be home later. Have a good night. 


I stared at the screen of my phone for what must have been five minutes. It wasn’t strange for Dylan to get drinks with his best friend Jace. I figured he wanted to get advice about our situation, too. But normally he would have called to tell me and then asked about my day. 


I didn’t know if it was the fever, the stress, or worry. But I started crying softly. I felt Dylan slipping away from me a little more each day. I never thought this would happen. Finally, I pulled myself together. Crying just made me extra stuffy and now I was coughing, too. 


I responded back: Ok, be safe. I love you. 


A couple minutes later my phone dinged. 


Dylan: I love you too, Sam. 


I smiled at the text and felt a little more reassured. There was never a question of if we loved each other or not. It just came down to the fact of if one of us could compromise on this topic. 


“Hitchuuuu!! Huh…huh… huhchoo! Haaashiieww!!” 


I sneezed again, into my lap, not even bothering to cover anymore.  I continued to catch up on some of the shows that I had been missing, all the while sneezing and coughing. The pile of tissues on the coffee table continued to grow. 


I guess I had drifted off, because I was startled awake by my phone ringing. I fumbled around on the couch until I found my phone under a pillow. 


“Hello?” I answered, and I was surprised how hoarse my voice sounded.  


“Hey, Samantha. It’s me, Jace. Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Dylan just umm.. well.. he had a little bit too much to drink and I umm don’t think he should drive home…” 


“Where are you guys? I’ll come pick him up.” 


“No, no. It’s late, Samantha. I am already driving him back to your house. I just wanted to let you know.” 


My eyes flicked over to the clock above the TV. 12:13am. I began to speak, but was interrupted. 


“Huh…uhh… Hitchuu! Ashiewww!!” The sneezes made me cough. 


“Bless you. You don’t sound very good. Are you getting sick?” 


“Yea, I think so. Thank you so much for driving him home, Jace. You didn’t have to do that.” 


“It’s no problem. I’ll see you soon.” 


I hung up the phone and sat up on the couch. It was only then that I realized just how horrible I felt. If this was just a cold, it was one hell of a cold. My body felt like I had been run over by a truck while I had been sleeping. Every part of me ached. My nose was both stuffy and runny at the same time. I felt congestion rattling around in my chest and my throat burned everytime I swallowed. I lay there curled up with a blanket on the couch until I saw the headlights from Jace’s Jeep shine through the window. I got up to open the door with the blanket wrapped around me. 


Jace was walking Dylan up the driveway. When they reached the doorway Jace smiled and said hello to me. 


“HEY, BABY!” Dylan yelled. “I”M HOOOMMEEEE” 


“He’s all yours now.” Jace joked. Dylan pushed past us into the house and was in the kitchen looking in the fridge. 


“Seriously, though, thank you for driving him.” I cringed at how hoarse and congested my voice was. 


“Shit, Samantha, you sound awful. I’m really sorry we woke you up.” 


“Don’t be.” I said, smiling. “It’s really okay I’m just glad you are both safe.” 


Jace smiled. “Well, I hope you feel better. Tell Dylan he better call me tomorrow, I want to hear how bad that hangover is going to be.” He laughed, walking towards his Jeep. 


I laughed with him, before it turned into a coughing fit. “Drive safe.” I attempted to yell at him down the driveway. 


I went back inside and locked the door. Dylan was making some type of food in the kitchen. He was stumbling around and dropping things all over the place. Normally, I never minded taking care of drunk Dylan. He was sweet and funny and silly. But tonight, I really wanted to be the one getting taken care of. 


I sighed and began to pick up the tissues on the coffee table, 


“HITCHUU!!” I sneezed loudly into my shoulder. Dylan was so out of it that he didn’t even bless me. He came around the corner with some kind of homemade pizza. 


“Babe, you look like an eskimo.” He said looking at me all bundled up in sweaters. He chuckled, and then couldn’t stop laughing. 


I rolled my eyes, before catching two more wet sneezes in my hands. Still no bless you. 


“I’m going to bed,” I said quietly. 


“You don’t want to stay up with me?” He asked with a puppy dog look on his face. 


“I’ve been up all night!” I snapped. “You went out and that’s fine, but now I want to go to bed.” 


His eyes were glassy and I could tell he was completely drunk. He walked over to me and began kissing me. When he pulled away he held my face in his hands so that we were only inches apart and looking into each other’s eyes. 


“Why don’t you love me enough to have kids with me?” He slurred. “I love you and I want little mini you and me’s running around.” 


“Dylan wee… we.. are not talking— uhhh uhhh HItchuu!! Achieww!!” I tried to fight off the sneezes, but they came too quick. I tried to turn my head, but I’m sure the spray still went all over him. “We are not talking abut this now.” I finished my sentence in a horribly congested voice. 


“Bless you.” He said shortly. 


The last thing I wanted to do was fight about this right now. I thought he was mad, but before he said anything else he sprinted to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. I could hear him throwing up. 


I sighed, it was going to be a long night. I sneezed twice more aiming them towards the floor. I blew my nose, before heading towards the bathroom to take care of my emotional boyfriend who was too drunk to realize I was sick. 

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I just finished reading your first story, and now this part, and I am absolutely in love with these characters. I am 100% invested in this relationship now, and I can't wait for you to write more. 

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3 hours ago, caramelfuzz said:

Oh poor Samantha! Will there be contagion or is this just a female story? (Sorry I didn't see any tags and was curious)

There will definitely be contagion! :) 

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I love how her boss and Jace are concerned about her, it's so sweet :wub:

But I'm also heartbroken that her boyfriend didn't even notice, omg. And now she has to take care of HIM while she's sick! Poor thing :( I'm really loving the story, thank you for sharing!

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Hello all! Thank you all for reading and your comments :) here is part 2!! I hope you enjoy! 

I found Dylan in the bathroom, sitting on the floor next to the toilet. His back was against the wall, his knees pulled up to his chest, and his head laying in his hands ontop of his knees. The poor thing looked miserable. I walked over to the sink and ran cool water over a washcloth. I sat down beside him, pulling his head up to look at me. I ran the cool cloth across his face and rubbed his arm. He let his body lean into mine, resting his head on my shoulder. 


“Sam, I feel awful.” He mumbled. 


I turned my head away from him. “Hitchuuu!! hitchuu!!” I sneezed twice towards the floor before coughing. 


“Bless you, baby.” Dylan said. 


Dylan rarely ever got sick. The last time had been when we were going to Jace’s wedding years ago. On the other hand, I managed to catch a cold at least twice a year. One of the things that I had always loved about Dylan was how caring he was. The moment he noticed I was coming down with something he shifted from his goofy, carefree demeanor to full-on doctor mode. With the argument hanging over our head lately, he hadn’t been his silly self. When we spoke, he was kind but serious. It was as if this topic had wedged its way so far between us that we would never be able to talk normally again until it was resolved. 


I was jolted out of my thoughts by Dylan lurching forward towards the toilet as he threw up again. I rubbed his back until he was done.  I flushed the toilet and asked if he felt any better. He nodded leaning back against the wall with his head tilted back looking up at the ceiling. He pressed his palms to his eyes for a couple minutes. 


“Sam. I need an answer. You can’t keep avoiding this.” He said in a voice that was surprisingly serious and sober for how drunk he had been just an hour ago. I guess the puking was flushing the alcohol out of his system. 


“We are not talking about this now. Not after you were out drinking the whole night.” I retorted. 


“SAMANTHA.” He raised his voice, yelling at me. 


My mouth fell open, in the six years that we had been together I could not remember him ever seriously raising his voice at me. I instinctively recoiled from him. 


“Goddamn it, Samantha. I am not drunk anymore and you are not putting this conversation off anymore. You never talk about how you feel and I am done beating around the bush with you on this. You know how important it is to me and you won’t even have a DISCUSSION with me about it.” 


Whenever I wanted to cry, it always made my nose tickle. Between the cold and Dylan screaming at me, I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I cupped my hands around my nose. 


“HITCHUUU!! AASHIEWW!! ASHIEWWW!” I sniffled and discreetly wiped my wet hands on my sweatpants. 


He didn’t bless me. In fact, he didn’t say one word. He stared ahead, fixating on some spot above the toilet. 


“I bade it very clear whed we started datigg that I didd’t wadt kids.” I said in a quiet and reserved voice. I was so stuffed up that I could barely even understand myself. I got up and grabbed a tissue to clear some of the congestion. Dylan remained silent. 


“You know what my Dad did to me when I was little and-” 


“I am NOT your father, Samantha. Jesus do you really think I would do something like that to our child?” He spit back at me.


“I never said that! I’m just trying to explain to you one of the reasons- “ 


“I’ve done everything I could to earn your trust, Samantha. I’m sorry that you had a fucked up past, I really am. I’m sorry your dad was a perverted piece of shit, but I can’t do anything else to show you that there are actually good guys in this world. Fuck, what else am I supposed to do to help fix you?!” 


When he saw the look on my face, I knew he regretted what he said instantly. It didn’t matter, the words had already come out of his mouth. It’s like when you squeeze way too much toothpaste on your brush on accident. There’s no way to suck the extra back in, just like there’s no way to stuff words that have already been said back into your mouth. Dylan had never spoken to me that way. That was one of the reasons I had fallen so deeply in love with him. The truth was he had shown me that there really are good guys in the world, but now, I questioned if I had been wrong all along. 


“Samantha, I didn’t mean that, I am so-“ 


“Shut up.” I spat back at him. My voice broke on the last word and that’s when the tears began to fall. The first one trickled down my cheek like a drop of rain, but then the storm came, and tears were flooding from my eyes. Dylan crouched down on the floor with me and tried to embrace me. I pushed him off of me. 


“Leave me alone.” I sobbed. I covered my face with my hand as I pulled the box of tissues down next to me and wiped my nose. I was sure I was an absolute mess, but in that moment I didn’t care one bit. 


“huh..huhh… huhitchoo! Itchoo!! Huhtchoo! Ashieww! Ashieww…. ah…ah… ASHIEW!” All of the crying had irritated my nose and now I couldn’t stop sneezing. I groaned, before sneezing again. “Hah..ashhhieww!!” This only caused me to launch into a coughing fit. 


Dylan sat on the floor across from me, tears stained his cheeks. I watched as the sadness that swam in his eyes be replaced with concern. His eyebrows knitted together. 


“Baby…..are you okay..?” 


“No. I’b sigck and I feel awful. I just wandted you to cobe hobe todight, but then you cabe back drunk add…” my voice trailed off. I was too angry and upset and stuffy to talk. 


“Baby…. why didn’t you tell me you were sick… You know I wouldn’t have gone out tonight….” 


I just shook my head and got up walking towards the bathroom door. He grabbed my hand and I turned around to look at him, his deep blue eyes met mine and for just a moment I wanted to forget all of this and just hug him. Instead, I turned around and walked out the door making my way to the bedroom. 


“You cadd sleep dowd here,” Were the last words I spoke before climbing the stairs and slamming our bedroom door. I went straight to the bathroom that was inside our bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked about as crappy as I felt. My eyes were puffy and my leftover mascara that I forgot to take off was now smeared under my eyes and down my cheeks. My nose was red, sharply contrasting the pale hue of my skin. I splashed my face with water and brushed my teeth, before making my way into bed. I curled up, far too tired to cry anymore. The words that Dylan had said replayed in my head over and over. Was that what he had really thought all of these years? That I was broken and he was fixing me? These thoughts swirled in my head, making me question everything from the past six years with him.  


“Samantha, baby. Sam, wake up.” Dylan was gently rubbing my arm. My eyes flicked open and I saw his frame over me in the dark room. I started shivering and curled up closer to him. “I’ve been checking in on you all night. But you feel way too warm for me to ignore it anymore. Let me take your, temperature.” Dylan said as he placed his hand on the back of my forehead, then on my cheeks.  


I opened my mouth and he stuck the thermometer in. While we waited for it to beep, I leaned into his body and he rubbed my back with his hands. 


“103.4” he announced. “Fuck, babe. I am taking you to the hospital.” 


“No. Dylan. It’s not that big of a deaa.. uh uh… deal. It’s just- ah- just a cold- uh uh Hitchuuu! Ashiewiw!” I sneezed, wetly. I was so out of it that I just sneezed right into his bare chest, not even bothering to stifle. 


“Bless you, baby. Okay, we will try a cold shower first, but if that doesn’t help then we are going straight to the hospital. Okay?” 


He slid one of his arms behind my back and the other under my legs. He lifted me up and carried me into the bathroom. I let my head nuzzle into his strong chest. He sat me down on the toilet and turned on the water in the shower. I watched as he pulled his shirt over his head and slipped off the rest of his clothes. I felt myself blush as I looked at his body. We may have been together a long time, but damn. He was freaking gorgeous. I admired his muscles and his messy, tousled brown hair with I always found so sexy. 


“Your turn.” He smiled, playfully. 


He closed the gap between us tentatively. He gingerly pulled my shirt over my head. When I didn’t protest. He helped me slip everything else off. I shivered against the cold air and he placed his lips on my forehead. I wanted to stay mad at him, I really did. But right now, I just couldn’t. 


I watched his arm muscles flex as he helped me get up and suddenly I wished that I didn’t feel so awful. 


“Fucking Fuck!” I squealed as the icey water hit my skin. Dylan laughed and held me close to him. “It’s freaking cold.” I whined. 


“That’s the point, Sam.” He laughed. 


I pressed my body flat against his, trying to steal any possible heat from him. He ran his hands through my wet hair and rubbed my back. I closed my eyes and rested my head against his chest. My nose was so stuffy that I couldn’t stop sniffling the whole time. 


Suddenly, I pulled away from Dylan as fast as I could. 


“Hnnnxxtt! Heh..uhh.. Hutchieww!!!” I sneezed towards the floor in the shower. 


“Bless you, sweetheart.” Dylan looked down on me with sympathetic eyes. “I wish you would have told me you were this sick.” 


“I just thought you were upset with me and wouldn’t care…” My voice faded out and I coughed a couple of times into my fist. 


“Samantha.” Dylan said as he took my face in his hands. “Yes, we have been in the middle of a rough patch, but I love you more than anything in this world. I wish you would have told me you were sick. I’m sorry you had to take care of me and that I didn’t realize you were sick for so long. I’m sorry for what I said out of anger earlier….” Tears started to slip down his cheeks. I interrupted him by kissing him passionately. Then I pulled away. 


“I’m so sorry. I don’t want to get you sick.” 


He placed his finger against my lips and pushed me up against the shower wall. We kissed passionately with tears running down both of our cheeks. Finally, I pulled away. 


“Ashiewww!! Huh-shiewwww!!!” I sneezed wetly into his shoulder. It was all I could do in time not to sneeze right into his face. 


I looked up at him with a guilty face and he just laughed at me. “God, Samantha, even when you literally sneeze sick cold germs on me I still love you so freaking much.” 


“I love you so much.” I nuzzled my head into his hard, muscled chest and embraced him as tightly as I could. God, I could never imagine my life without him. 


“Lets get out of here. I’m freezing.” Dylan said as he shut off the water. He wrapped me in one of our huge, fluffy towels. He had me sit on the toilet seat and he brushed my hair. I melted, falling in love with him all over again. Just when he was almost finished, my nose started tickling once again. 


“Ashieww!!” I sneezed into my cupped hands. 




“Ashieww! Huh…huh…huhshiew!!!”  


“Bless yo-“ 




“Damn. Bless you. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sneeze this much in your life.” Dylan remarked. 


“Be deither.” I groaned, completely congested. 


“Aww, baby. Your voice.” He sympathized. 


I grabbed a tissue and tried to clear the congestion as much as I could. Dylan checked and approved my temperature: 101.2. Not as low as he would have liked, but low enough that we could go lay down. He gave me some medicine to take before we made our way into the bedroom. I curled up under the covers next to Dylan with my head on his chest. He flipped on the TV and then his jaw fell open. 


“You did not watch the latest This is Us without me!!!” 


I peeked up at him through my lashes with a guilty expression. “I..I um might have been a little upset that you went out for drinks when I felt so crappy…” 


“BUT YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME YOU WERE SO SICK!” He fake yelled at me. 


“Well the joke is on me because I fell asleep within the first 5 min-Huh…Ashiewww- binutes.” I sniffled, wiping my nose with the crumpled up tissues that I was just basically holding up to my nose at this point. 


“Whatever you say sneezy. Either way you are going to watch it again with me. Like it or not.” He grinned, pressing play. 


“Hashieww!! Huhshieww! Hi…hih..huh…ugh I lost it.” I groaned, unsatisfied, as my nose continued to feel tingly and sneezy. 


“You probably didn’t even hear any of the episode over you sneezing anyways.” He joked, with that familiar, playful glimmer returning to his eyes. 


I shook my head and laughed. “You are going to regret making fun of me when you catch this cold.” 


“Babe.” He scoffed. “You and I both know, I don’t get sick.” He smiled kissing my forehead. 


That is the end of part two. If you are waiting for the contagion…stick around;) next part will be posted soon! 



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Omg this is so good. As other people have said, I’m already super attached to your characters 😍😍😍 I hope you continue!!!

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You are a super talented writer.  This and the story before this were both sooo good. Thanks so much, can't wait till the next part comes out!!!

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Thank you all so much for all of your nice comments!! I am really glad you are enjoying this! Here is part 3. I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted to because I have been super stressed with classes, but I promise there will be more coming soon and I think you can tell where its heading :) 





When my eyes began to flicker open the next morning, I noticed the light was streaming in through our bedroom window. I squeezed my eyes shut, rolling over to cuddle up with Dylan while I dozed a bit longer. Instead, I was only met with a cold, empty bed. My eyes popped open and I saw he was nowhere in the room. I glanced over at the time.  




How had I slept this late?? Granted, we had probably not fallen asleep until sometime around 6am, I was still surprised. Unlike most people, I hated sleeping in on my days off. I was weird in that sense. I wanted to wake up early and enjoy the full day, not waste it sleeping. As I sat up quickly, I suddenly remembered why I had slept in this late. My head spun and all of my symptoms came flooding back. My nose was so stuffy that I couldn’t breathe at all, my body ached, and my throat felt like it was on fire. 


I groaned and made my way into the bathroom. I inspected myself in the mirror only to find my face pale and black circles under my eyes. Yup. I looked just about as crappy as I felt. I combed my wavy hair to smooth it down and splashed a little water on my face before brushing my teeth and heading downstairs.


Dylan was nowhere in sight, but as I walked into the kitchen I saw a note stuck on the fridge. 


Goodmorning baby, 


Didn’t want to wake you- just ran to the store for a couple of things. Be back soon. 


Love you 



I smiled as I read the note. I wondered what he needed at the store so badly this morning. As I began to brew some coffee, I heard his care door slam in the driveway. Within moments he was walking through the door. 


“Oh hey, sweetheart. you’re up! How are you feeling?” He asked, as he walked across the room towards me. He shifted all of the bags to one hand so he could check my forehead with the other. “You’re still warm,” he frowned, kissing my forehead. 


“I’ve definitely felt better.” I gave him a weak smile. “What did you get at the store?” 


He looked at me with a self-assured smile. “First off, I got you something a little stronger than the generic Advil that was in the cabinet. Then, all of your favorites: that throat tea, soup from the diner, tissues, cough drops, and echinacea for me. As much as I love you, I have that huge presentation on Monday and I do not want to be sick for it.” 


“Well, if I recall from last night I thought you “didn’t get sick.” I smirked him. 


“I don’t. Just a precaution.” He smiled, reassuringly. “Are you hungry?” 


I shook my head, but couldn’t answer because my nose had other ideas in mind. I waved my hand in front of my face to try to coax the sneeze out. My eyes were fluttering, but I could hear Dylan snickering at my struggle. 


“Here,” Dylan said as he pressed a tissue into my hand. I felt him gently grab my chin and turn it towards the sun streaming through the window. He knew bright sunlight made me sneeze almost instantly. 


“Huh..uh.. uh… uh…huh Huhshiewww!!!! Ashiewww! uh.. huh.. ah ah Ashiewwww!! Huhitchoo!! itchoo!! I sneezed wetly into the tissue he had given me. 


“Bless you,” he chuckled. 


“Danks.” I mumbled congestedly, blowing my nose. “Ugh, I cad’t stop sdeezing.” 


“I know,” Dylan laughed. 


“I’b glad this is so abuzing to you.” I frowned, blowing my nose for what felt like the 50th time since last night. 


“Let me go change and I’ll get that soup and tea ready for you.” He said. 


“I’m not really hungry.” I responded. 


“Don’t waste one of your few breaths without a sneeze arguing, you know I’m going to do it.” He smirked. I conceded and went and sat down on the couch curling up under a blanket. I flipped through different shows to watch on Netflix while Dylan made the tea and portioned out the soup. 


“BABE!” I yelled. “There’s a new series of Black Mirrors out!” 


“Don’t you dare start it until I’m done.” He warned. 


I smiled mischievously at him over my shoulder. “Hitchhuu!!! hitchuuu!!” I sneezed into my hands, groaning at how wet it left them. 


“Bless you, babe.” Dylan said carrying over two bowls and tea for me. 


“Dank you.” 


I cuddled up with my head on his lap as we started the new season. 


We were only about 10 minutes in and I already had to sneeze again. I sat up and turned away from him. 


“HItchuuu!! Ahshieww!! Hitcitii!!!” I sniffled back the congestion. 


“Bless you,” he said, absently rubbing circles with his thumb on my leg, as he intently watched the show. 


“Dot done… Hitchuuu!!” I groaned, before coughing. Dylan looked over at me and pouted his lip out in sympathy. He brushed the hair out of my eyes and let his hand fall down to the back of my neck. He gently pulled my head towards him and placed his lips on my forehead. 


“I think your fever is coming back.” He noted. 


All I did was cuddle up against him and nuzzle my head into his chest. The next hour went on with me sneezing in fits every couple of minutes and Dylan handing me tissues. 


After my umpteenth fit, I wasn’t even paying attention to sneezing anymore. I had the tissues pressed up under my nose as I sniffled weakly. I felt Dylan looking at me out of the corner of my eye with a pensive expression. 


“What?” I asked him, still dabbing at my nose with the tissue. 


Dylan paused the show and looked at me. 


“I fucking love you.” He said, his piercing blue eyes stared into mine. 




“Stop. I need to say this. God, I love you. I love you more than anything else in this whole world. You are sneezing your head off and I still think you are the absolute most beautiful person in the whole world. I don’t want to be anywhere else, except here listening to your poor, sick butt sniffle and sneeze. If you don’t want to have kids, then I don’t want to. I don’t want kids unless they are with you and I cannot live my life without you. I choose you, Samantha. If kids are not what you choose, then that is okay. I am so sorry for what I said to you. You never needed to be fixed and I sure as hell didn’t do it. You put your life back together yourself. You are the strongest person I know and that is just one of the many reasons I love you. What I said was out of anger and not true at all. I am so sorry....” 


I felt the tears well up in my eyes and my vision blurred. I loved him so much that words could not even begin to describe how I felt. He loved me at my worst and he was willingly to give up his life dreams just to keep me. For the first time in my life I had the love that I had always dreamt of having. I felt the tears spill over and run down my cheeks. Dylan wiped them away with him thumb before our lips crashed together in a warm and passionate kiss. Our lips molded into each other and I playfully but gently bit Dylan’s bottom lip. He flipped me over on the couch so that I was laying down and his body pressed down ontop of mine. The kiss deepened until.. 


“Hnnnxttt Hitchuuuu!!!” I broke off the kiss, stifling the first sneeze and then sneezing into his shoulder. 


“Gee, thanks.” He teased. 


“I’m sorry….” I blushed and looked up at him through my lashes. 


“Come on baby, lets get you some more medicine.” He said, handing me a tissue. I blew my nose and nodded. After taking medicine, we curled back up together and continued our binge watching. I laid my head in Dylan’s lap and he played with my hair. My eyes got heavy and I began to drift off into sleep.




I was jolted awake by a sneeze that, surprisingly, wasn’t mine. I rolled my head up to look at Dylan. 


“Bless you,” I mumbled sleepily. 


“Thanks, baby. Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. Here,” he said sliding a pillow under my head as he got up. “I want to check your temperature.” 


“99.1,” he announced. “Better, but still not good.” 


I only nodded. I couldn’t believe I still felt this terrible. I normally got a couple colds a year, but usually I could kick them pretty fast. This one left me absolutely exhausted and worn out, though. 


“Heh... Hehchoo! Huhchoo! Dylan sneezed uncovered to the size. 


“Bless you....do you feel okay...?” I asked, hesitantly. 


“I’m fine.” He smiled. “I’ll make you some more soup and then let’s go lay down.” 


I looked at him incredulously. Was he tired? We hadn’t been doing anything all day. Maybe he was just saying it for my sake. As he warmed up the soup, we talked about our week and just normal things. 


“Babe, I’m thinking it’s best if we cancel going to my mom’s birthday party tomorrow.” He said. “I was thinking you would be better by now, but you’re still pretty sick.” 


“No way. I should be feeling better tomorrow, besides you know how much I love your mom. You haven’t been able to see your family that much lately anyways. If I still feel that bad tomorrow, then you can just go without me.” 


“I’m not leaving you here alone when you’re sick.” He protested. 


“That’s funny, you didn’t mind it Friday night when you were out drinking.” I said, giving him a mischievous smirk. 


“Oh? You think you have jokes?” He said, raising his one eyebrow at me. Suddenly, he leapt across the room and started tickling me. I fought back and he playfully pinned me down on the floor holding my wrists with his hands. 


My breath began to hitch and I knew what was coming next. “Babe, let go I huh h..h…have to snee….sneeze…huh” 


“Nice tr-“ 


I twisted my head into my shoulder “Hnxxtt, Hxxnt, Huhshieww, Ashieww.” 



“Bless you,” He laughed releasing my hands. 


“I wasn’t joking!!” I insisted, rubbing my nose and sniffling. 


He scooped me up in his arms and threw me over his shoulder. He kept me there with only one of his arms wrapped around me. 


“Come on. Let’s do dinner in bed. And maybe something else.” He teased, smacking my butt with his free hand. I giggled and squealed letting him escort me to bed. 




I woke up the next morning and heard our shower running. The door was closed, but I could hear Dylan moving around behind it. I sat up and brushed the hair out of my face, assessing my condition. I was still stuffy and my throat hurt a little, but I was definitely feeling better. I finally felt like I just had a mild cold now. 


“Huhchoo!! Achoo!!!! HUHSHOO!!!” I heard Dylan sneeze from the bathroom. It wasn’t abnormal for him to sneeze, especially in the mornings, so I didn’t think anything of it. I slipped off my oversized T-shirt and panties and opened the bathroom door to join Dylan.


“Room for one more?” I inquired, flirtatiously. 


“Morning, baby. Of course.” Dylan smirked, looking me up and down. As we showered together I noticed that he looked tired and moved slow. 


“How early did you wake up?” I asked him. 


“Well, I’ve been up since 5-“ 


“AM?!?!?!” I questioned him. 


“Yes, I just wanted to go over everything for the presentation again and practice since we will be gone all day today.” 


“Aww sweetheart you’re going to do great! I know it. You have prepared for this for so long.” 


“I know I know, but still. Anyways, how are you feeling?” Dylan changed the subject. “You look like you feel better.” He smiled, encouragingly. 


“Not 100%, but definitely better.” 


“That’s good,” He cleared his throat. “I think my mom would be crushed if you couldn’t make it. You know she likes you more than she does me.” We both laughed. His mom and I had bonded almost instantly and had always been close. 


Dylan’s eyes began to flutter and I heard him intake a sharp breath. I watched as his chest rose and fell dramatically, causing his muscles to contract. Finally, he jerked to the side. 


“HUH SHOO!!” He sprayed the shower wall with a sneeze. 


“Bless you…Are you feeling okay? I asked him. I was worried that he might be getting sick. 


“Come on, babe. I am A-okay. You know I’m just randomly sneezy in the mornings sometimes.”


I nodded. It was true. Despite this, I observed him carefully as we got ready to leave for his Mom’s party. Besides the dark circles under his eyes and the occasional sniffle, there was nothing incriminating yet….




That is the end for now! I almost have the next part finished, but I’m still working on it. I just wanted to give you all a little something in the meantime. Thanks for reading!!!

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Here is the next part. Thank you to everyone who has stuck around to read this :) 

It was almost an hours drive to get to Dylan’s sister’s house where the party would be. It was somewhat of a surprise for Dylan’s mom, Diane. She knew we were coming over to celebrate, but she had no idea how many people were going to be there. Dylan and his sister had been planning this for the past month. They had invited lots of her old friends, all of the family, and her co-workers. I couldn’t wait to see how excited she was when she walked through the front door. 


As we walked outside to Dylan’s car, I shivered. Even though I had moved to Pittsburg for college, I had never quite adjusted to the cold. My mind flashed back to the first time I ever met Dylan. I was sitting outside of the library typing away on my computer. I had always hated doing homework inside. I felt like I could think so much clearer in the fresh air and sunshine. It was Mid-September and about 60 degrees. I was bundled up in boots, jeans, a sweater and a scarf. I was also especially cold, because I had caught the campus-flu that was going around. As I was doing my homework, one of my papers flew off the table and blew down the sidewalk. I hurried to go get it, but when I finally caught up to it a boy had already picked it up. 


“Is this yours?” He asked me. I remembered looking up and losing the ability to speak. His blue eyes locked on mine and this strange comforting feeling filled my body. I felt safe. Somehow, swimming in those eyes I felt so at home even though I was states away. He had a white, crooked smile and tousled brown hair. He towered inches over me and his athletic frame was nothing less than undeniably sexy. 


“Y..yes. Thank y-you.” I stumbled on my words. Smooth I thought to myself. Real Smooth. 


He smirked and looked me up and down. “So, are you going to Antartica or the Swiss Alps?” 


When I only gave him a confused expression back he laughed. “You’re dressed for a blizzard.” 


I looked at his attire. He had on vans shoes, tan shorts, and a blue t-shirt. He must have been from here.  


“Hey, some of us are used to living in the Sunshine State.”


“Ohhhh, so you’re one of those summer 24/7 kind of girls.” 


“Well, I really thought I loved the cold. Until now that I live in it and discovered that cold is not 60s and I’m in for a real shocker this winter.” I laughed. 


“I’m Dylan. Dylan Parker.” He extended his hand to me. 


I took it and smiled as he gripped my hand firmly, but gently. “Samantha. Samantha Sanders.” I said coping his tone. 


“Well, Sanders.” He said, “Looks like you might need some help catching your flying papers this afternoon.” 


“Only if you can find a spot. My table is always in high demand.” I joked as we walked over to the table full of empty seats. 





“Huchoo!! Huchoo!!” Dylan sneezed, shaking his head as if to clear it. 


“Bless you.” I said as I snapped out of my nostalgia. Not only was it cold, but the sky was filled with dark clouds threatening to spill over with rain at any minute. I was now happy with the warm attire that I had chosen. I was wearing slightly ripped skinny jeans, brown boots, and a stylish-oversized maroon sweater. I climbed into the passenger seat and Dylan drove off. 


About 35 minutes into the drive those ominous clouds began to spit out rain onto our windshield. 


“Damn, I didn’t know the weather was going to be this bad today.” Dylan remarked. 


“Me either, I guess we should have watched the weather channel in-between our Black Mirror Netflix Binge Marathon.” I commented. 


We continued to drive further out of town down the two-lane back road as the rain pelted down harder. I skimmed through Facebook on my phone, while humming to the song blaring through the speakers. Then, it all happened at once. There was a jolting popping sound and the car jerked violently to the right. I heard Dylan curse under his breath as the car skidded on the wet road. My phone flew out of my hand and into the floorboard. I suppose Dylan managed to get control of the wheel, because the next thing I knew we were stopped. We had skidded into the grass on the side of the road, but we had managed to avoid veering left into the oncoming traffic.  Dylan and I just looked at each other for a moment letting our shaky breaths calm. 


“Are you okay??” He asked, squeezing my hand when he had regained his breath. 


“Yes, are you?” I said in a weak voice, before throwing my arms around him. He stroked my hair and hugged me tight, but I noticed that his hands were shaking. As I pressed my head into his chest I could hear his frantic heartbeat.  


“Yes, I am fine. That scared the shit out of me though.” He let go of me and shook his head.  “Phew” 


I unbuckled my seatbelt and found my phone on the floor by my feet. “Here, I’ll let your sister know what happened. Then I’ll call someone and see if they can change it for us-“ 


“Baby, what do I look like? Some chump? I know how to change a tire. There’s a spare and a jack in the trunk. I got this.” Dylan said with a confident look on his face. 


“I know that, but its pouring down rain and freezing outside. You are NOT going to change it.” I crossed my arms and looked at him with a stern look. 


“Watch me.” He threw back, before kissing my cheek and ducking out of the car door into the pouring rain. 


I rolled my eyes. There were so many things I loved about Dylan, but we all have our faults. Dylan was stubborn as hell and he never wanted to admit weakness. Of course his determination was not only admirable, but sometimes downright sexy. But at a time like this, it was just frustrating. 


I scrolled through my texts until I found his sister, Michelle, and hit call.


“Hey Samantha, are you guys almost here?” The excitement in her voice was even evident over the phone. 


“Hey, yea, about that. We are on the way, but we blew a tire-“ 


“Oh my goodness!! Are you guys okay?? Do you need us to come help you?” 


“Other than almost shitting ourselves for a second there, we are completely fine! But Dylan is insisting on changing the tire by himself.” 


“In the pouring rain??” His sister inquired. 




“Oh god. Why am I even surprised?” She mumbled. “Please be safe and let us know if you need ANYTHING. Mom is running late, per usual, so you should still be able to make it before she does.” 


“I’ll keep you posted.” 


“Thanks, Sam. See you soon.” 


I hung up the phone and turned in my seat to watch Dylan. I had to admit, there was something so sexy about him out there enduring the elements just to change the tire for us. I quelled these thoughts as I remembered how cold he must be out there and I was worried about him being so close to the side of the road. 


Finally, he finished and jumped back in the car. He was absolutely soaked to the bone and shivering. I turned the heat on full blast, directing all of the air vents in his direction. 


“Good-d as n-nnew!” He announced getting into the car. 


“Baby, you are soaked!!!” 


“T-t-that’sss k-kind of w-w-hat happens in the r-r-r-rain.” He remarked sarcastically with chattering teeth. 


“Smartass,” I mumbled under my breath. “Please let me drive the rest of the way, so you can at least try to focus on getting dry.” 


“I know how much you hate driving in the rain. I’m fine, its just a little bit of water. Besides, we are so close.” 


“Will you at least take off your wet clothes?” 


“You just want to see me shirtless, don’t you?” He smirked. 


I smacked his chest, rolling my eyes. I finally conceded just because I didn’t want to waste anymore time arguing. The poor thing shivered the entire rest of the way there even with the heat on. I felt horrible sitting there dry and cozy while he was suffering. One of the things that had made me fall in love with Dylan was the fact that when something went wrong, he didn’t freak out or get angry. He just calmly came up with a game plan and executed it. He could have been absolutely pissed about this and sulked the rest of the ride. That is what my stepfather would’ve done. He would have cursed and yelled the entire time he changed the tire and then been angry the rest of the drive there. Instead, Dylan simply took charge and took care of it and he still was cheerful and playful. I looked over at him and my frustration melted away. I had only been annoyed out of my worry for him. 


“HuHSHOO!! HAHSHOO” he sneezed openly towards his lap and gave a liquid sniffle. 


“Bless you,” I said cautiously. 


“Thanks,” He said, turning and smiling at me with tired eyes. They say that being cold isn’t actually supposed make you get sick, but when I looked at Dylan’s tired eyes I knew it couldn’t do anything to help. 


“We made it!” He announced. 


As we got ready to make a mad dash from the car to the front door his sister rushed out to us with umbrellas. When her brother opened his car door and she caught sight of him she smacked his arm. 


“DYLAN!! You are going to catch the flu! What were you thinking?” She scolded him. 


“Here, let me help you. The proper greeting would have been:  Hello my dearest brother! What a gentleman you are for rescuing your girlfriend after a near-death car accident in the pouring rain. I could not imagine a better man to call my brother. Come inside and I will get you some dry clothes.” Dylan dramatically mimicked his sister’s voice. “Then I would have said. Thank you, dearest sister. You are so kind and I am so lucky to have someone as caring as you.”


“Shut up and get under this damn umbrella and come inside.” She said in a mom-voice. He chuckled and took one of the umbrellas. Michelle walked back up to the porch under her own and Dylan came around to my side of the car to get me. We huddled under the umbrella together as we made our way inside the house. 


Michelle had gone above and beyond with the decorating. There were banners and posters and signs. There must have been 100 balloons blown up and laying around the entrance way and living room. The stairs were also decorated with colored streamers and there were pictures of Diane throughout her life. I could see people chatting in the kitchen and nibbling on food that I wished I could smell. A fire crackled in the fireplace and music played softly through the speakers. 


Evan, Michelle’s husband, came over to say hello to us. 


“Welcome!! It’s so good to see you guys!” 


He leaned in to give me a hug, but I took a step back. “I’ve been sick all weekend, you probably don’t want to hug me.” I warned. 


“Yea, give her about 10 more seconds and she will probably sneeze on you.” Dylan joked, always the comedian. I smacked him on the arm. 


“Dude,” Evan remarked looking at Dylan in his soaked attire. “You can borrow some of my clothes.” 


“That would be great.” Dylan kissed my cheek before following Evan to their bedroom. 


And of course Dylan had jinxed it. My nose began to tickle. 


“Hitchuu! Hitchuu!!” I muffled my sneezes into my sweater-covered elbow. I sniffled back some of the congestion, really wishing that I had stuffed a couple tissues into my pocket. 


“Bless you!!” Michelle said. “Dylan mentioned you were coming down with something. Are you feeling any better?”


“Yes, definitely better. I just don’t want to give my cold to anyone else.” I laughed, awkwardly. I never had really been that fond of discussing being sick with people other than Dylan. I just felt like it was gross and people didn’t want to be around you then. 


“Don’t even worry about that!! I’m just glad you are here!” Michelle said, excitedly, ignoring my advice and pulling me in for a big hug. 


We made our way into the kitchen and started catching up with each other. Dylan and Evan joined us shortly after with Dylan sporting a pair of Evan’s jeans and a dark grey sweater. His hair was extra messy and tousled from what looked like his attempt to towel dry it. He wrapped his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the top of the head. I leaned up on my tip-toes and ran my hands through his hair to smooth it out. 


We all chatted and talked, munching on the food Michelle had set out. I nibbled on some crackers, but I still hadn’t quite gotten my appetite back. I was pretty sure I was sniffling more than I was eating. Suddenly, Michelle interrupted us. 


“She is here!!!!” She squealed. “Everyone get in place!!!” 


Everyone gathered around the front door. Michelle opened the door wide. 


“SURPRISE!!!!” We yelled in unison. 


His mother’s face was priceless. “What??” She gasped. Looking from Michelle to her husband back to Michelle then at everyone. “You guys!!” 


She made her way around hugging her friends and family. 


“Samantha!” She smiled. “I am so glad you guys are here!!” She reached out to embrace me in a huge hug. Once again, I pulled away. 


“Happy Birthday!!!” I said. “You probably shouldn’t get to close, though. I have a cold.” 


“Nonsense! Come here!” She insisted and enveloped me in a warm hug. 


“HUHSOO!!!” Dylan sneezed loudly beside of us. 


“Bless you,” I said. 


“Did you get her sick?” His mother asked accusingly. 


“No, Mother! She is actually trying to infect ME. But thank you for the concern.” He teased her. “Happy Birthday, Mom.” He said hugging her. She beamed and kissed him on the cheek. 


“Thank you, sweetie. I can’t believe you guys did all of this!” She exclaimed, before someone else pulled her away. 


Dylan cleared his throat and sniffled and I looked up at him. I was not convinced that he was completely healthy. I just wished that whatever it was, his immune system could fight it off. 


“I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick.” He said, breathily. He squeezed my hand before he walked away. 


I made my way over to some familiar faces of Dylan’s family to say hello. When Dylan returned, I noticed that his nose looked slightly pink. 


“You okay?” I asked. 


“Absolutely,” he smiled at me, but I noticed it didn’t reach his eyes. 


Later on, the party was coming to a close. Most people had left and it was only close family that remained. Dylan, Michelle, Evan and I all sat on the couch and chairs in the living room talking and catching up. 


“Huhchoo!!! Huh-HACHOO!!! Huhshoo!” Dylan sneezed and chorus of Bless you’s came from all of us.  


“Sweetheart, you do sound like you’re coming down with a cold.” His mother looked at him with worry, coming over and placing her hands on his cheeks to feel if he was warm. 


“I’m fine. I don’t get sick. Everyone knows this.” He swatted her hands away in an annoyed fashion. 


His mother turned and looked at me. “Is he like this with you, too?” She inquired. 


“You mean never admitting he’s sick? Yup. He would rather die from illness than admit it.” 


“He’s been like that ever since a kid. Most kids will pretend to be sick just to stay at home and miss school. This one,” she playfully poked him in the chest, “would do anything and everything to hide that he was sick so he didn’t have to miss school. In high school, he had the flu and managed to avoid seeing me for two days so that I wouldn’t realize he was sick and he could play in his soccer match.” 


His sister laughed, recalling how he had paid her to lie so that she wouldn’t tell their mom. I laughed, and looked over at Dylan.  


“Oh yea?? What about that time in high school that you made me send not one, but THREE Valentine candy grams to you and sign them “Your Secret Admirer” so that your crush would see it and get jealous??” 


Michelle launched a pillow across the room towards Dylan’s face. “DYLAN!” 


The mischievous glimmer sparkled in Dylan’s eyes and I wondered if he was feeling okay after all. He burst out laughing, which turned into a cough. 


“Don’t play this game with me sis. I got way more ammunition.” He smirked. 


“Whatever,” She said, playfully rolling her eyes. 


We talked and exchanged stories another hour before saying our goodbyes. On the car ride home, Dylan and I talked about the party and his family. 


“HUHSHCHOOO!! HUH…huh… HACHOO” He sneezed, and gave a liquid sniffle. 


“Bless you, baby. Are you really sure you feel okay?” 


“Huchoo! Huh…huh… huh…” He stopped the last sneeze by pressing his wrist under his nose. “Yes. Why does everyone keep asking that?” He snapped back. I let it go. 


I looked out the window and my mind zoned out. My eyelids felt heavy and I let my head lean back as I drifted off into sleep. 


My eyes fluttered open when I felt someone picking me up. Dylan scooped me out of the car and shut the door with his foot.


“Are we home,” I asked. 


“No, I’m dropping you off at the firestation so someone else can come claim you.” 


I looked up at him annoyed and groggily. “Yes babe, we are home.” He chuckled, kissing my forehead. 


With all of the festivities today, I didn’t realize just how drained I felt. I was definitely feeling much better, and I wasn’t sneezing my head off every 5 seconds, but my body still had that tired feeling like it was fighting something off. As Dylan brought me upstairs, he suddenly paused on the step. I looked up at him and his eyelids were fluttering. 


“Huh..huhh…I…h..have t-t-…huh…huh… see..huh huh Huchoo!! HuhSHOO! Huh..huh.. HURCHOO! He aimed the sneezes as far away from me as he could, but they left him sniffling.


“Bless you!” 


“Ugh, sorry baby. I didn’t want to sneeze on you.” His cheeks flushed. 


I just kissed his chest and nuzzled closer to him. I noticed that I could feel his warmth even through his shirt. We both got ready for bed and curled up together. I was out before my head hit the pillow. 



I woke up to a dark room and an empty bed. I glanced over at the time to see that it was 2:33 am. 


“Dylan?” I called out into the dark room. I thought maybe he had just went to the bathroom. When no answer came, I got up to investigate. I walked out of our room, down the hall, and to his study. Sure enough, there he was, staring at his computer. 


“Baby, what are you doing?” 


Dylan jumped a little. 


“Shit, Sab! You scared me. I’b just looking eberything over once bore.” He said, his eyes flicking back down to his computer screen. I couldn’t help but notice that his voice was congested and he had a box of tissues next to him on the desk.


I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms lovingly around his shoulders. I kissed his cheek, but when I didn’t feel a temperature I moved my lips down to his neck. I heard a small groan escape his lips. 


“Come to bed,” I whispered in his ear. He nodded, shutting his laptop as I led him out of the room. 



The next part is already halfway written so I should have it up by the end of the weekend :) hope you all are still enjoying and if you have any suggestions let me know! 

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40 minutes ago, marina<3 said:

“Huchoo! Huh…huh… huh…” He stopped the last sneeze by pressing his wrist under his nose. “Yes. Why does everyone keep asking that?”

Oh my gosh I love this so much!!! Poor thing is miserable.

Dylan's adventure in the rain was a really nice touch :devil2:

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On 11/16/2018 at 1:47 PM, marina<3 said:

“I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick.” He said, breathily. He squeezed my hand before he walked away. 



On 11/16/2018 at 1:47 PM, marina<3 said:

Huh..huhh…I…h..have t-t-…huh…huh… see..huh huh Huchoo!! HuhSHOO! Huh..huh.. HURCHOO! He aimed the sneezes as far away from me as he could, but they left him sniffling.

This. All of this is PERFECT. I honestly cannot tell you how much I loved your last story, and this one is proving to be just as good. Please keep it going!

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